Realization of Activities with the Ordrup Gymnasium from Denmark

On Thursday 29 February 2024, from 08:10 until 14:05, visited our school a group of 32 students (17 boys and 15 girls) of B and C class and 2 teachers of History and Social Sciences from Ordrup Gymnasium, Denmark.

The aim of this visit was their acquaintance with the Greek education system, the attendance of English Language and Citizenship lessons, the use of English as a common language of communication, as well as the discussion and realization of common activities for the acquaintance of the students and the exchange of opinions regarding the ways for the youth to deal with the current social issues and their approach of European Union’s role. Furthermore, the long-term aim was the acquaintance of the two schools and the common realization of activities in the framework of future Erasmus+ projects.

Our school reception class was A2 and the teachers in charge of the preparation and realization of the activities were Eirini Arnaouti (English Teacher) and Matthaios Giannaras (Economy and Political Science Teacher).

Erasmus+ ΚA120 Accreditation awarded to our school

On February 2024 was informed Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna by the Institute of State Scholarships (Hellenic National Agency) that the school is among the fifty-three (53) institutions that were awarded the accreditation within the framework of the European Call for Application Submission for the year 2023 aiming at the realization of Erasmus+ projects until 31.12.2027. This application had to do with the quality control of the action plan of the school education institutions.

Afterwards, was submitted by our school an Erasmus+ KA121 funding application for the realisation of activities within the accreditation framework during the school year 2024-2025 and the results are to be announced until the end of the current school year.

Our school English teacher Dr. Eirini Arnaouti is in charge of the applications’ submission and the implementation of the action plan, while the Erasmus+ school team includes eight (08) more teachers, who will collaborate with the school Administration, all the other school teachers and the school students for the implementation of the mobilities in European countries and the dissemination of the project results.

You can see the accreditation results here:

Visit in the Hellenic Parliament

On Thursday 15 February the B’ class students that participate in the Journalism Action visited the Hellenic Parliament, where they had the chance to get a glimpse of the discussion and vοting of bills. More specifically, they sat in the balcony of the plenary room and attended part of the procedure of the parliamentary control.  In this procedure, a Parliament member of the opposition party posed a question to the Minister in charge regarding an issue that concerned the area where this Parliament member is elected and then the Minister answered the question. The students found the process very interesting and experienced the way in which decisions are made during the parliamentary procedure.

Then they were guided in “Eleftherios Venizelos” room, where it is hosted the exhibition entitled “Seeing Liberty: In the Hellenic Parliament two centuries later”. They saw important artworks and exhibits form the Revolution period and were informed about the history of the Parliament building. The guided tour was realized by Ms. Eleni Laskari, a member of the academic staff of the Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament, whom we thank very much.

The students were accompanied by the teachers in charge of the Journalism Action: Katerina Tsachtsarli and Dimitrios Kominos.

Panhellenic school championship of Greece and Cyprus: New wins and tickets to the finals

with wins. After the ticket to the big finals of the Directorate D’ Athens by the boys’ handball team, its participation in the finals was ensured by the girls’ basketball team as well, while all the teams are on their way to the finals.

Our new results more analytically:

On Monday 19 February 2024, the girls’ volleyball team beat the 2nd High School of Nea Smyrni team with 2-0. Their next game is against the 2nd High School of Argyroupoli on Thursday 22-02-2024 at 08:30.


On Monday 19-02-2024, the girls’ basketball team played in the semi-finals against the High School of Moschato team and they won with a 43-41, getting the ticket for the finals of Friday 23-02-2024 at 09:00, where they will play against the winner of the game 2nd High School of Palaio Faliro vs. Leonin School.


The games continue on Tuesday 20 February 2024 when the boys’ volleyball team will play against the Leonin School team in the quarterfinals and on Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 08:30, the boys’ basketball team will play against the 5th High School of Nea Smyrni team in the semi-finals.


Congratulations and good luck to all the student team of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna!

The new exhibit of the History Museum of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens

The History Museum of Athens University has got from today a new exhibit. It is the exhibit that was designed and realized by a team of our students and for which they were awarded a prize last year in the National Kapodistrian University of Athens competition “The Museum exhibits through the students’ eyes”.

The central theme of the exhibit is “the production of a medicine in the times of a pandemic and refers to the discovery of artemisinin that helps combating   malaria. The exhibit includes: (a) a tour in a virtual museum and a video entitled “artemisinin in ancient Rome”, (b) an electronic game, (c) a window with a 3D print of the chemical molecule of artemisinin and the museum exhibits that inspired our students, (d) a poster as well as relevant QR codes with further information.

We thank the person in charge of the Museum Ms. Tsitou for her help in the presentation of our exhibit.

Teachers in charge of the school project: Chrysi Angelidou, Panagiota Matthe, Christodoulos Makedonas

In the following link you can see the Museum announcement:

Some photographs follow!

Panhellenic school championship of Greece and Cyprus. Is it possible?

Is it possible to combine high performance in the school subjects and in sports? Is it possible to combine academic aims with athletic aims? Is it possible for a student to pay equal attention to the school subjects and the sport they love? Is it possible that teamwork and collaboration in sports contribute to the reduction of school violence and aggressiveness? The answer is affirmative.

This week the exceptional performance of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna teams was continued with three wins. More specifically:

On Tuesday 13-02-2024 the boys’ basketball team beat the 4th High School of Kallithea team with a score of 79-28.


On Wednesday 14-02-2024 the girls’ volleyball team beat the 1st High School of Kallithea team with 2-0. Their next game will be against the 2nd High School of Nea Smyrni on Monday 19 February at 10 a.m.


On Friday 16-02-2024 the boys’ basketball team beat the 6th High School of Kallithea team with a score 75-51. In the semi-finals of the Directorate of D’ Athens on Wednesday 21 February, they will play against the 5th High School of Nea Smyrni team.


On Monday 19-02-2024 the girls’ basketball team plays in the semi-finals against the High School of Moschato team.

On Tuesday 20-02-2024 the boys’ volleyball team plays against the team of Leonin School.

Good luck to all the student teams of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna for next week’s games!

Visit of the Chemistry Club in ‘Creative Nano’ Company

On Wednesday 14/2 our school Chemistry Club students along with C’ class students visited the nanotechnology company ‘Creative Nano’.

‘Creative Nano’ is a Greek company founded in 2013, which takes action in the field of applied research in nanoscience. More specifically, it composes new nanomaterials, offers complete solutions to the industry for the processing of surfaces with multiple applications (antioxidant coatings, solar panels, antimicrobial surfaces, biodegradable polymers), suggests alternative courses of material composition that are friendlier to the environment and functions as a consultant to companies and industries. This period it participates among others in three big nanotechnology projects, ΒΙΟMAC (, FreeMe ( and MOZART (

Our students first attended an introductory presentation about the company activities, the field of nanochemistry and the advantages of nanomaterials by Dr. Alexandros Zoikis Karathanasis (CEO) and Dr. Alexios Grigoropoulos (Research Manager).

Then they were taken on a tour in the premises, the laboratories and the pilot units of the company and had the chance to interact with its scientific staff.

Our visit in ‘Creative Nano’ was completed with a discussion between our students and the company scientists on the subject of professional orientation.

Our school and the teacher in charge of the visit Mr. C. Makedonas deeply thank the company staff and especially the CEO, Dr. Alexandros Zoikis Karathanasis, and the Research Manager, Dr. Alexios Grigoropoulos, for the honour they did to us to receive us in the company premises and for the time they dedicated to us!

The photography director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras in our school Club

For the second consecutive year, the Photography Director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras visited the Clubs of Cinematic Education of our school and talked to our students.

In an experiential and interactive way, our guest took our Clubs’ students on a journey in the universe of the moving image through his own journey in the world of the 7th art. Highlighting the social and humanitarian approach of various themes through the films, he offered us a sensitive perspective in the approach of each story that is projected on the big screen, through the passion, lyricism and poetic mood that should characterize the cinematographer but also through the philosophy he/she adopts.

Mr. Kleidaras showed to us photographs that express the way in which the photographer perceives the world and insisted on the personal and unique perspective of the artist; he also showed us videos that unite the sensitive world of the protagonists with their spectators.

The teachers in charge of the Clubs Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti and Mr. Sotirios Kollias deeply thank Mr. Kleidaras that offered inspiration to our students and opened new paths for useful thinking and creative mood.

Educational visit in the laboratories of Cellco Chemicals SA

On Friday 09 February 2024, twenty-four A’ class students visited the laboratories of Cellco Chemicals SA in Mandra, Attica. The company offers a wide range of first materials for the production of cosmetics, detergents and medicines.

The educational visit took place within the framework of the action “Getting to know the workplaces for Chemists – Chemical Engineers – Biochemists – Biotechnologists in Research and in the Industry – Association with the Terminology in the English Language”. The action is organized by our school teachers Dr. C. Angelidou (Chemist) and Dr. E. Arnaouti (English teacher) aiming at the connection between the school and the job market.

During the visit was realized a company presentation and a tour in the laboratory of production and of quality control of the company.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_095431.jpg

  C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_110135.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-b9535a865283b3907895e80465422f8d-V.jpg

Then the students had the chance to actively participate in the production of cosmetics and to understand chemistry in the production of emulsions.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_102134.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_113846.jpg    C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_104759.jpg    C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_114143.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-54a362ac36ba99b8b243ea851ece952a-V.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_114308.jpg

We deeply thank Mrs. Maria Vlachou (Head of Sales & Business Development Manager) for the reception and the visit organization.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-5b1adadc105cf097d07d17f5e87ec594-V.jpg

Our school students were accompanied by the school teachers C. Angelidou and V. Kouka.

Panhellenic school championship of Greece and Cyprus




The week has reached its end with one more win for the school teams of Evangeliki High School. More precisely, the boys’ volleyball team beat the 5th High School of Glyfada team with a score 2-0 (25-6 and 25-9) and it is then facing in the next game Leonin School. The game will be held on Tuesday 20 February 2024. Congratulations to our students!!!