Educational visit in an Orthodox Church

Within the framework of the Religious Education subject, two groups of the A class visited the Church of Taxiarches in Moschato, in order to be acquainted with the architecture and the religious wall painting of an Orthodox Church in an experiential way.

After the guided tour by the Religious Education teacher of our school Mr. Sotirios Kollias, the priest in charge of the church, father Christodoulos Bithas, talked to our students about the history of Taxiarches Church, the establishment of the Church institution and showed them the mass vessels, explaining their use. Then a constructive discussion followed during which the priest answered all the students’ questions, focusing mainly on Christ’s love. After the end of the visit, the hospitable people of the church offered a treat to our students.

The accompanying teachers were Sotirios Kollias, Evangelia Karimali and Sotirios Tsalamandris. We deeply thank both the priest and the people working in the church for the love and the hospitality they showed to our students.