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Our new channel on YouTube has been launched with two big productions of our C’ Class students!

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4th Mobility Meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 European project entitled “CineMaths Paradise”

Ms. Argyri Panagiota and Mrs. Arnaouti Eirini, in charge of the Erasmus+ KA2 European project entitled “CineMaths Paradise”, participated along with the students Mitsioni Marianna-Fanouria, Mitropoulou Adamantia, Mavridopoulou Effrosyni, Kolla Zoi, Damache Anastasia, Pipis Charilaos and Mastrogiannopoulos Pavlos in the 4thMobility Meeting of the project in Αgerbaek, Denmark, held between 2 and 8 April 2017. The activities that were successfully realized focused on the history of maths as projected in the European cinema. The students from all partner schools worked with a lot of enthusiasm, developing a plethora of cognitive and critical skills along with their English language skills. Last but not least, the exchange of the European cultural characteristics through the daily contact with our partners is a unique experience that caused the best feelings concerning the value of such European projects realization.

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Educational Visit in Thessaloniki

Participation in the Conference of the 9th International Week Dedicated to Maths 2017

Within the framework of the 9th International Week Dedicated to Maths 2017, held in Thessaloniki between 15 and 19 March 2017, the pupils? team of the Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna consisting of Patros Panigyrakis, Aikaterini Theofanidou, Charalampos Giappas, Evangelia Lambrou, Michail Petropoulakis, Marios Tsolkas, Nicholaos Armenakis, Myrto-Eleni Bouza, Chrysoula Panigyraki, Ioanna Gakoumi, Myrto Androni, Georgios Nikiforakis and Anastasia Lalioti, members of the ?European Paths of Science Knowledge? club, supervized by the Maths teacher Ms. Panagiota Argyri, presented their work on the connection between mathematics and other sciences entitled ?Young Scientists Save the Planet from the Climate Change?.

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The pupils? work is part of the Stem Alliance (http://www.stemalliance.eu/) European project from the repository of the Scientix European Science Community (www.scientix.eu/) of the European Schoolnet (http://www.eun.org/) and aimed at the dissemination of innovative learning practices of maths.


During this educational visit in Thessaloniki, on Thursday 16/3/2017, the pupils also participated in the application of the educational activity of the European project Hypatia (http://www.expecteverything.eu/hypatia/) in the Museum of Science and Technology NOESIS. The activity aimed at the pupils? engagement with STEM work, in an equal way for both sexes.


Moreover, on Saturday 18/3/2017, the pupils attended the educational programme of the museum, completing in this way their educational trip in Science and about Science.

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Activities realised in Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna complete the European map of innovative educational practices


Activities realised in Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna complete the European map of innovative educational practices.



25/01/2017: Workshop for teachers? professional development in Attica prefecture about the potential and the privileges offered to teachers by the online Scientix portal. Organisation & Presentation: Argyri Panagiota

The ?European Paths of Science Knowledge? club, under the guidance of Ms. Argyri Panagiota, participates in the campaign of the European Schoolnet for the pupils? motivation in the study of sciences ?All Stem, All Stars?.


Until the end of the school year, many more educational activities that are suggested by the European online Scientix portal (www.scientix.eu/) of the European Schoolnet (www.eun.org/) will have been realised.




 STEM careers tour on climate change: 

Choose a STEM job to save our planet from the climate change

Congratulations to STEM club students Panigyrakis Petros, Panigyraki Chrysoula, Lalioti Anastasia, Theofanidou Aikaterini, Giappas Charalambos, Lambrou Evangelia, Katsivardi Penelope, Tsolkas Marios, Armenakis Nikolaos, Kalambakas Fotios, Sergentani Eirini, Bougesi Danai, Bouza Mirto-Eleni, Giakoumi Ioanna, Androni Myrto, Nikiforakis George and Petropoulakis Michalisand to their supervisor Argyri Panagiota for their participation in ?All-STEM, All-stars? competition.



Students worked as researchers and scientists to study the global problem of climate change and they share their ideas and worksheets.

Research Reasonable Innovation: http://bit.do/investigation_phase


Workshop for primary & secondary teachers ?Engaging students in STEM careers?

(Wednesday 25 January 2017, 17:00-18:30)



See the whole announcement here.

Participation forms: https://goo.gl/forms/gKwPpqSkE1ugRz7a2





Experiential Workshop for Teachers

The Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, within the framework of innovatory educational activities of European projects, realizes in collaboration with Ellinogermaniki Agogi School the experiential workshop:

?The use of lifelong learning online tools in the school class for the realization of interdisciplinary activities in Sciences?
Wednesday 23 November 2016, 17:00 ? 18:30
Location: Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

The experiential workshop aims at presenting to the participants the concept of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and at showing ways in which MOOCs can be used in the school class in order to reinforce the students? contact with subjects related to their interests and their daily life along with traditional teaching.
In the first part of the workshop, MOOCs examples will be displayed. These examples mainly illustrate the support of interdisciplinary teaching of Sciences through the connection of various thematic units in the same lesson. The examples and educational resources that will be presented are designed to promote inquiry-based learning and to help students understand the connection between different natural phenomena and between different natural laws. In the second part, participants will have the chance to get to know and be trained on the digital platform used for the examples creation that will be presented in the first part. More specifically, participants will have the chance to work on and learn the basic functions of edX platform (https://www.edx.org/) that has been designed by the University of Harvard and the Technological Institute of Massachusetts (ΜΙΤ).
Participation forms: To apply for your participation, please fill in the form found in the link below: https://goo.gl/HXsWN8 
Certificate of Attendance: All participants will be given a Certificate of Attendance after the end of the workshop.
Workshop programme:
17:00 – 17:10 Introduction: Combining inquiry-based and interdisciplinary teaching

17:10 – 17:30 Examples of MOOCs use in the school class

17:30 – 18:20 Creating our own MOOCs on edX platform

18:20 – 18:30 Discussion – Summarizing


Introduction to current subjects of Informatics and Algorithmic Programming with Python

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna is launching an educational project for the students entitled “Introduction to current subjects of Informatics and Algorithmic Programming with Python”.

The project is an initiative of the President of the school Academic Supervisory Council Professor Michail Vazirgiannis and will be realized by members of his academic group under the supervision of the Professor and the school Headmaster.