Distinction of Evangeliki School in the 7th Nea Smyrni Historic Run



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2nd place and silver medal for the A’ class student Aggeliki Tzanetou

On Sunday 1 October 2023, several students of our school participated in the 7th Nea Smyrni Historic Run in the 2,5 and 2 kilometres, organized by the Cultural and Sports Organisation of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni.

The History Run is an athletic event of high standards aiming at maintaining the Historic Memory of the Unforgettable Homeland of Asia Minor. The Run was organized in the framework of various events, stressing its deeper meaning and the historic connection between the towns of Smyrna and Nea Smyrni. These events include the run of 10,5 and 2,5 kilometres as well as other ones under the motto “Running in History”.

Our A’ class student Aggeliki Tzanetou took the 2nd place and won the silver medal in the 5 kilometres for female athletes.

Congratulations to our school students who participated in the run and special congratulations to Aggeliki and wishes for further successful participations!


Student distinction

The B’ class student Argyriou Nikolaos, representing Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, and under the aegis of the Technology Laboratory of Evangeliki Model Secondary School of Smyrna, supervised by the teacher Mr. Diamantis Pantelis, participated in the 5th Panhellenic competition of Open Technologies in Education and was distinguished in the category of the High Schools with the work Waterfall Converter. You can see an analytical presentation of the work here. Congratulations to our student. We hope that the collaboration between the High and Secondary School will be continued for the promotion of innovative projects.

The School Administration


Award-winning of Evangeliki School’s excellent student Nancy Oikonomopoulou

On 11 May 2023, in Benaki Museum, was realized an honorary award ceremony in the presence of Her Excellence President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou. In the event, which was held in the framework of the programme “Ahead for Education” by EUROBANK, were awarded prizes the students who acquired the highest marks in the Panhellenic University Entry Exams, and more precisely the student with the highest mark from each Region of Greece. Nancy Oikonomopoulou, the last year graduate of Evangeliki, was awarded a prize in this ceremony since she had the highest mark in the Region of Attica and the third highest mark on a panhellenic level, among the candidates of all orientations. The event was held in the presence of the Dean Mr. Andreas Mpountouvis, the Regional Administrator of Attica Mr. Patoulis and the Bishop Mr. Philotheos as a representative of the Archbishop Mr. Ieronymos. Moreover, a number of academics and politicians were present. The event moderator was the journalist Mrs. Niki Lymperaki.

Evangeliki School of Smyrna awarded the “Prize of Excellence of the Professor Makis Tsapogas” to Nancy Oikonomopoulou. This prize consists of a sum of 10.000 dollars.

During the school year 2021-2022 Nancy Oikonomopoulou obtained the highest mark in the Panhellenic Exams and had 19.740 credits, entering the Department of Electrical Engineers and Computer Engineers in the National Technological University of Athens.

We wish the best for their future career to all of Evangeliki’s graduates and we adopt Nancy’s phrase “May excellence always be honoured”.

Εικόνα που περιέχει ρουχισμός, άτομο, παπούτσια, ανθρώπινο πρόσωπο Περιγραφή που δημιουργήθηκε αυτόματα

Εικόνα που περιέχει ρουχισμός, άτομο, βιολέτα, μοβ Περιγραφή που δημιουργήθηκε αυτόματα


1st Prize awarded to our school in the 7th Student Competition ‘The exhibits through the eyes of the students’, on the topic “The preparation of a medicine in times of pandemic”

The 1st Prize was awarded to a group of students from our school that participated in the 7th Student Competition ‘Exhibits through the eyes of the students’ on the topic “The preparation of a medicine in times of a pandemic”. The competition was organized by the Museum of History of the University of Athens (UoA) in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy and the Museum of Pharmacology of the same University. The award ceremony took place on Monday, June 19, in the Museum of History of the UoA in Plaka, Athens.

We would like to thank the organizing committee of the competition for awarding our team and in particular the Director of Public Relations and History of the University of Athens – University of Athens Ms. Sotiria-Alexandra Sakellariou, the Head of the Department of Museums and Historical Archives of the EKPA. Mr. Evangelos Papoulia and the Curator – Museum Educator of The Athens University History Museum, Ms. F. Tsitou. We also thank the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Prof. Dimitrios Karadimas, Assoc. Prof. of Pharmacology H. Liapis and Mr. Assoc. Professor of Medicine Mr. I. St. Papadopoulos in charge of the Museum of Pharmacology.





In the award ceremony

In order to participate in the competition, it was mandatory to make two visits: to the Museum of History of the UoA and to the Museum of Pharmacology (Department of Pharmacy) of the UoA, so that the students could be inspired by an exhibit of the museums and compose their work.

Our team was inspired by the book “Pharmacology and Prescribing” by G. Ioakeimoglou, which is exhibited in the Museum of History of the UoA and by the collection of Microscopes, which are exhibited in the Museum of Pharmacology, in order to develop the requirements for the competition. More specifically, the students of our school, working in small groups and under the supervision of their teachers, carried out the following:

Α. For the 1st section of the competition, they composed an original research paper on malaria as a past pandemic and a modern endemic disease. In it, they report statistical data on its spread, describe how it is transmitted, tell the interesting story of the discovery and isolation of artemisinin, which is the main drug for its treatment, and finally discuss the use of artemisia (the plant from which medicine was taken) as herb and drink.

Β. For the 2nd section of the competition, students produced the following:

  1. They printed the artemisinin molecule on the school’s 3D printer (Image 1). The molecule was designed in chemical compound design software and then the file was processed in 3D printing software. After it was printed, the necessary supports were removed, it was sanded and painted with the usual colors that represent the chemical elements.

Image 1: The printed artemisinin molecule

2. They created a poster (Image 2) about malaria so that the visitors of the museum would be informed.

Image 2: The poster

3. They created a stop-motion animation video, using sketches designed by a student (Image 3). They used a cellular phone for video and sound recording (Image 4) and software for video and image editing.

Image 3: Some of the sketches used in the video

Image 4: Making of the video

4. They created two quizzes for Android, with questions about the subject (Image 5) and accompanying poster (Image 6).

Image 5: Screenshots of the quizzes

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Image 6: Αccompanying poster for the quizzes

5. They created an electronic game inspired by the subject (Image 7), which the visitor can play any time online either on a computer or on a mobile device, as well as the accompanying poster with instructions (Image 8).

Image 7: Screenshot of the game

C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Συνοδευτική αφίσα ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙ scratch.png

Image 8: Accompanying poster for the game

6. They created a virtual museum, presenting in brief the bibliographic research about the subject, with the accompanying poster (Image 9). The narrations were recorded with a mobile phone.

Image 9: Poster for the virtual museum

The purpose of the team was for the students to examine malaria as a pandemic both in antiquity and in the modern world, as well as to study the chemical composition of the molecule artemisinin, which is also the active substance for fighting the disease. The students looked for statistics on the global presence of malaria that still makes it a pandemic. They also understood the mode of action of the active substance against the plasmodium that causes it.

Regarding Section B, the team wanted to emphasize interactivity and inclusion when touring the museum spaces, activating different senses of the visitor, who can follow our narrative virtually (remotely) , to view the 3D molecule of artemisinin and furthermore, to have “contact” with the museum even after the visit, by playing the game or trying the quizzes.

Our students imagined a museum that is different, interactive and friendly to everyone, making use of technology and this was the proposal they submitted to the competition.

Supervising teachers (in alphabetical order):

Chrysi Angelidou (Chemist), Christodoulos Makedonas (Chemist), Panagiota Ismini Matthe (ICT teacher)

A-class and B-class students who participated (in alphabetical order):

Section Α – Βibliographic Research

Myrsini-Efraimia Kana, Anna Manavopoulou, Maria Maratou, Anastasia Aikaterini Papanikolaou, Vasiliki Maria Patri, Ioulieta Perveli, Andriana Petropoulou, Anna-Maria Skourtia

Section B


Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, Loukia Despoina Moutousi, Vasiliki Maria Patri


Ioannis Doumenis, Panagiotis Konstantopoulos


Dimitrios Dalamagkas, Despoina Partheniou, Anastasia Pilichou

Virtual Museum

Aikaterini Varou, Melina Dionysopoulou

3D printing

Iason Vaskas, Spyridon Sofoulis, Nefeli Iakovaki

Video – Image and sound editing

Themistoklis Konstantinidis, Panagiotis Martis, Maria Billa, Georgios Bouras, Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Panagiotis Fatseas

Designs – Sketches

Sofia Despoina Leka


Distinction of our student in the Panhellenic Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to our A class student Danae Prousalidi for taking the 9th place in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition, after the end of the competition B stage. Danae will be awarded a prize in a special ceremony organized by the Hellenic Chemists? Association.

You can see the competition results here:


Participation in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to our student Elpida Besi for her performance in the B stage of the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition (organized by the Hellenic Chemists? Association). Elpida will be awarded a prize in a special ceremony organized by the H.C.A.

Congratulations to Ioannis Tzanetos and Michail Prousalidis for their participation in the B stage of the competition.

You can see the competition results here: https://www.eex.gr/news/diagonismoi/2883-anakoinosi-diakrithenton-36ou-pmdx-b-lukeiou-kai-g-lukeiou

Participation of our students in the Panhellenic High School Games of Tennis, Track and Field and Gymnastics

On Thursday 21-03-2023 our school students Michalochrista Christina and Petrou Athina competed in the Panhellenic High School Matches of Tennis, playing against students of other Greek High Schools. The matches took place in the Municipal Sports Centre of Palaio Faliro.


On Tuesday 04-04-2023 our two school students competed in Track and Field, making very good performances. More precisely, the A class student Erietta Armaou competed in the long jump, jumping 4.76 m., and the A class student Georgios Koutroulis ran in the 400 metres. The events took place in the National Athletic Centre of Agios Kosmas, with the participation of Attica High Schools.



In the gymnastics competed the A class student Maria Konstantinidou on Tuesday 2 May 2023 in Thessaloniki, along with students from all over Greece. She competed on four apparatus and took the 8th place in the vault, the 15th place in the balance beam, the 17th place in the uneven bars and the 19th place in the floor exercises.


Congratulations to all the students for their participation and for representing Evangeliki Model School! We wish them a lot of success both in their studies and in sports competitions.

Presentation in educational conference regarding an award-winning film of our school

On Saturday 6 May 2023 our school teachers Dr. Eirini Arnaouti (English teacher) and Dr. Sotirios Kollias (Theologist), in charge of the school Cinema Club during the school year 2021-2022, made a presentation in the 9th Panhellenic Conference ?NEW PEDAGOGUE?, which was held in Athens.

The presentation entitled ??Did you send an sms??: A film about the quarantine of covid-19? presented and analysed the student short film ?Did you send an sms??, which was created by the Cinema Club participants during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, and which won the 3rd Panhellenic Award in the 22nd European Meeting of Audiovisual Creation (category 13-17) and the 3rd Award in the International Student Competition of Short Films ?Did you study?cinema??? (category: Fiction Film ? Higher Secondary Education).

One more award for the film of our school Cinema Club entitled ?Did you send an sms??

Congratulations to the team of our students from our school Cinema Club for the 3rd award in the category ?Fiction Film for the Higher Secondary Education? in the 13th International Student Competition of Short Films Did you study?cinema??

Our team participated in the competition with the short film ?Did you send an sms??, which was created during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Here is the summary of the film: In the first semester of 2021, during the second lockdown due to covid-19, when the transport was allowed under certain circumstances and after sending an sms, two teenagers meet through a series of situations that reflect the problems of the Greek society in that period.

We also congratulate our teachers who encouraged and guided the students, Eirini Arnaouti, Sotirios Kollias, Georgios Thodis and Ioanna Pseftogianni!

You can watch the film in Greek here.