Award-winning of our school in a student competition of short film making

We are happy to announce you the award-winning of our school in the Student Competition of short film making on the topic “The Holocaust and the Greek Jews”, for the school year 2023-2024. The film is entitled «Wahrheit macht frei» (The truth sets free). In the competition participated the B’ class students Kleftogiannis Niκolaos, Kouka Niki, Leka Sofia. Friendly participation in the song, the students Kantartzi Athina and Nonota Sofia.

The thematic field of the competition was the Jews’ Holocaust in WWII, with a specific reference to the Greek Jews. Through their work the students expressed in an experiential way their thoughts and feelings on the topic and familiarized with the scientific and historic research of the past, by studying primary and secondary historic sources. Among others was used the valuable testimony of a survivor from the ERT archive (with the necessary copyright license) and material from the Jewish Museum of Greece.

We thank our school teacher Ms. Tsapara Xanthi for the students’ guidance and the work editing, the teacher Mrs. Diakonou Maria for offering costumes and helping with the set as well as the teacher Mr. Sotirios Kollias for the photographic material and the inspiration based on a text from his personal archive.

The award-winners will participate in a special educational programme of the Jewish Museum of Greece, which also includes an educational visit in the “National Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau” in Poland.

The film is available in the following link: