Model teaching in Religious Education

On the 11th April 2024, within the framework of the subject of Religious Education, we received in the ceremony hall of our school a group of 30 students from the Department of Theology, School of Theology, NKUA, so that they would attend model teaching in two lessons.

The model lessons were carried out by the Religious Education teacher Mr. Sotirios Kollias, who taught the thematic units “Forgiveness as transcendence in Christianism” and “The Christian community in a multicultural world”, with the collaboration of the B2 and B4 group students.

The students were divided from the beginning of the lesson in 5 groups and were asked to work in these groups and express their opinion about the topics under study.

The teaching units were developed in four stages, starting from the element of Experiencing, taking into consideration students’ experiences on these topics.

The process continued with Conceptualising, during which the teacher projected relevant pictures and videos on the whiteboard that the students were asked to comment on. In this stage the bridging with the theological thought was gradually realized.

The next stage was Analysing through a deep insight in the texts of the New Testament and in modern texts, on which the students worked in groups in order to identify concepts and answer specific questions of the worksheet.

In the stage of Implementing, the students were asked to participate in group activities, which they then presented in the class plenary.

In the end, in order to consolidate the thematic unit, the students were asked to take a personal stance justifying their opinion in comparison with the statements read by the teacher.

After the end of the two lessons, Mr. Kollias presented and analysed to the university students the stages of the lessons and answered their questions.