Distinction and participation in the Panhellenic Sports Competitions for High Schools

In the finals of the Panhellenic School Championship in track and field, in the  3000 metres has passed Angeliki Tzanetou.


A great distinction in the sport of 3000 metres was achieved by A’ class student Angeliki Tzanetou (716), who made two personal records (in stage A’ with a time of 11:00” and in stage B’ with a time of 10:51”). The student passed in the finals (Stage C’) and she is among the best 12 student athletes in Greece and Cyprus and will try to do even better in the final stage of all the sports of track and field, which will be held is Serres, Greece, on 22 – 23 April 2024.

Congratulations to Angeliki and good luck in the finals!

In the races of stage A’ participated the B’ class student Georgios Koutroulis (737) in the sport of 400 metres, doing very well.


Participation in other sports:

In tennis participated: in the student individual, the A’ class students Eleni Nt’ Oria, Nikolaos Arapidis, Magdalini Travlou and the B’ class student Athina Petrou, and in the student mixed, the B’ class students Christina Michalochrista, Stavros Maramenidis and the C’ class student Faidra Karasavvidi. They all performed very well.


In the 50 metres crawl, in swimming, participated the B’ class student Nikolaos Argyriou, having a very good performance.


Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna students’ participation is completed this week with the participation of the B’ class student Maria Konstantinidi in the final stage of gymnastics, which is taking place in Thessalloniki, and of 12 students in table tennis championship, which is held in Peace and Friendship Stadium, in Piraeus.

Congratulations to all the students for their participation!