The photography director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras in our school Club

For the second consecutive year, the Photography Director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras visited the Clubs of Cinematic Education of our school and talked to our students.

In an experiential and interactive way, our guest took our Clubs’ students on a journey in the universe of the moving image through his own journey in the world of the 7th art. Highlighting the social and humanitarian approach of various themes through the films, he offered us a sensitive perspective in the approach of each story that is projected on the big screen, through the passion, lyricism and poetic mood that should characterize the cinematographer but also through the philosophy he/she adopts.

Mr. Kleidaras showed to us photographs that express the way in which the photographer perceives the world and insisted on the personal and unique perspective of the artist; he also showed us videos that unite the sensitive world of the protagonists with their spectators.

The teachers in charge of the Clubs Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti and Mr. Sotirios Kollias deeply thank Mr. Kleidaras that offered inspiration to our students and opened new paths for useful thinking and creative mood.

Educational visit in the laboratories of Cellco Chemicals SA

On Friday 09 February 2024, twenty-four A’ class students visited the laboratories of Cellco Chemicals SA in Mandra, Attica. The company offers a wide range of first materials for the production of cosmetics, detergents and medicines.

The educational visit took place within the framework of the action “Getting to know the workplaces for Chemists – Chemical Engineers – Biochemists – Biotechnologists in Research and in the Industry – Association with the Terminology in the English Language”. The action is organized by our school teachers Dr. C. Angelidou (Chemist) and Dr. E. Arnaouti (English teacher) aiming at the connection between the school and the job market.

During the visit was realized a company presentation and a tour in the laboratory of production and of quality control of the company.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_095431.jpg

  C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_110135.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-b9535a865283b3907895e80465422f8d-V.jpg

Then the students had the chance to actively participate in the production of cosmetics and to understand chemistry in the production of emulsions.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_102134.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_113846.jpg    C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_104759.jpg    C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_114143.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-54a362ac36ba99b8b243ea851ece952a-V.jpg

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\20240209_114308.jpg

We deeply thank Mrs. Maria Vlachou (Head of Sales & Business Development Manager) for the reception and the visit organization.

C:\Users\Chrisi\Documents\ΧΡΥΣΗ Σχολείο\2023-2024 ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗΣ\ΔΡΑΣΕΙΣ\ΜΑΛΤΑ\CELLCO\PHOTO\IMG-5b1adadc105cf097d07d17f5e87ec594-V.jpg

Our school students were accompanied by the school teachers C. Angelidou and V. Kouka.

Panhellenic school championship of Greece and Cyprus




The week has reached its end with one more win for the school teams of Evangeliki High School. More precisely, the boys’ volleyball team beat the 5th High School of Glyfada team with a score 2-0 (25-6 and 25-9) and it is then facing in the next game Leonin School. The game will be held on Tuesday 20 February 2024. Congratulations to our students!!!

Award-winning of Evangeliki School in the 1st place of the Par-OLYMPIA Festival

Inclusion in Sports



Picture. The award attribution by the Vice-President of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, Mr. Athanasios Tsivilis


Picture. Dance on a wheelchair


Picture. Student representatives with the School Headmistress, Mrs. Antigoni Laskaridou


In the 1st place of the category “Best Paralympic Videos of Secondary & High Schools”, along with Anavryta Model Secondary School, was awarded a prize to our school, on Thursday 8 February 2024, in the award ceremony for the schools of primary and secondary education that participated in the Paralympic festival “Par-OLYMPIA” and took part in the competition “School Sports and Inclusion”.  More than 100 schools from the whole Greece participated in the Festival of Paralympic Sports that took place on the 3rd October 2023 in the framework of the European programme Par-OLYMPIA, and then participated in the competitions of Paralympic Video, Paralympic Painting/Poster and Paralympic Knowledge.

The award ceremony was held in the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, with the collaboration of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, in the presence of students from the award-winning schools from all over Greece.

Our school won an award for the video “We wore your shoes” ( ), showing in practice that concepts like respect in diversity and human rights, knowledge acquisition and empathy for disabled people and sports are high in our education priorities. We achieved that through the creation of a video (with 3-minute duration) on the topic of the teaching of Paralympic sports in 4 teaching sessions, in the subject of Physical Education, in the last school year. The video editing was done by the B’ class student Georgios Tsolakis and we warmly thank him for his creation.

The Teacher in charge

Georgios Sarlas

Beginning of the Panhellenic School Championship of Greece and Cyprus

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participates with six boys and girls’ teams in the Panhellenic School Championship of the High School of Greece and Cyprus. More precisely, the school participates with a boys’ football team, a boys’ basketball team, a team of girls’ basketball team, a boys’ volleyball team, a girls’ volleyball team and a boys’ handball team.

On Friday 2-2-2024, the girls’ volleyball team beat the 1st High School of Palaio Faliro girls’ team with a score 2-0.



On Monday 5-2-2024, the boys’ football team, despite their good performance, was beaten by the 2nd High School of Alimos boys’ team with a score 2-0.


On Tuesday 6-2-2024, the boys’ basketball team, after an exceptional performance, beat the 5th High School of Glyfada boys’ team with a score 72-42.


On Thursday 8-2-2024, will be held the boys’ volleyball game against the team of the 5th High School of Glyfada, while the girls’ basketball team will play again on Monday 19-2-2024.

Good luck to all the teams of our school!

Attendance of the educational programme “I eat in a healthy way – I am healthy”





On the 6th February 2024, in the framework of the Physical Education subject and the educational programmes of the General Directorate of Health and Social Care of the Prefecture of Attica, under the approval of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports, was realized in all groups of B’ class the educational programme “I eat in a healthy way – I am healthy”. The programme was realized by the exceptional education group of the Pediatrician Ms. Dimitra Papadimitriou. The group consisted of doctors and health visitors. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness and sensitize young people about the importance of a healthy diet and to encourage young people to exercise on a daily basis.

We deeply thank Ms. Papadimitriou and her group members.

The Physical Education teachers,

Aggelakis Konstantinos

Alexiou Vassiliki

Sarlas Georgios

Distinction of our school in the second stage of EOES 2023

Congratulations to our school EOES team, who, in the second stage of the Panhellenic competition, held on 27-28/1, got the 1st place in Physics and the 6th place in total. Our team consisted of B’ class students Dimitrios Dalamagkas, Dimitra Kokkali and Despoina Partheniou.

EOES (European Olympiad of Experimental Science) is organized by the Panhellenic Laboratory Centres of Natural Sciences and it is special because it is laboratory-based, interdisciplinary (biology, physics, chemistry) and collaborative. In contrast to other written competitions, every school participates with a 3-member team of students. Students, in order to achieve their goal, have to collaborate.

In the second stage participated 36 schools from the whole country, who were distinguished on the local level of the competition.

We wish all the best to the 2 first schools that will represent our country in the final stage of the competition!

Our school team with one of their mentors on the day of the award ceremony

Let’s go to the theatre! Attendance of the play “Syrano”

Within the framework of the Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna’s activity “Let’s go to the theatre!”, on Sunday 28 January 2023 we attended the famous play of Edmond Rostand “Syrano” in Alkyonis Theatre. The romantic drama of Edmond Rostand written in verse was directed by Giorgos Nanouris, accompanied by live music and songs, balancing between humour and emotion. The central hero, the non-conformist knight and poet Syrano de Bergerac (Michalis Sarantis), is in love with Roxanne (Lena Papaligoura). In reality, Syrano, even though he faces it with confidence and dynamism, is a victim of bullying, as we would say today, because of a special feature he has. This feature makes everybody oversee the deeper parts of himself, which means judge him from his appearance – something which is common nowadays.

We feel really happy to see the students that participate in this activity feel touched by and think over the messages of classical plays – masterpieces of international literature and their exceptional presentations on stage.

Prize awarded to our alumna by Eurobank

On Monday 15/1/2024 in Athens Music Hall took place the award ceremony of the students of the Districts of Attica and Central Greece, who got a distinction in the Panhellenic Exams 2023. The distinguished students were awarded a prize by Eurobank Club, through the programme of company social responsibility “Ahead for Education”. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister of Education Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, the CEO of Eurobank Mr. Fokionas Karavias, University Deans, representatives of the District of Attica, etc.

Ms. Besi during the award ceremony

From our school was awarded a prize Ms. Elpida Besi, who was the 1st to enter the Department of Chemistry in the University of Athens. At the same time, Ms. Besi, with an average entry mark 79,10/80 in the four examined subjects got the 1st place in D’ Educational District of Attica. The programme “Ahead for Education”, as a minimum indication of recognition and gratitude to the teachers and the schools that support excellence, also awards with prizes the High Schools where the distinguished students of each district come from. It is the second time that our school is awarded with this prize. The prize was received by our High School Principal Mrs. Antigoni Laskaridou. Mrs. Laskaridou in her speech mentioned, “I feel honoured and happy to receive this prize today for Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna. Evangeliki School is a historical school that supports the collective memory of Asia Minor Greeks and at the same time it is a Model School that supports excellence, creativity and innovation. We, as educators, feel very proud both for our student, who brought us in this 1st place, and for you all, our dear children! I wish you from the depth of my heart a successful career”.

Mrs. Laskaridou talking during the ceremony in the presence of Eurobank President of the Board of Directors Mr. Georgios Zanias

In the award ceremony, our school was also present in the introductory video, since among the thousands of distinguished students of the previous years were chosen to speak Mrs. Nancy Oikonomopoulou (graduate 2022) and Mrs. Vaso Sigalou, mother of our alumnus Mr. Dimitrios Kasimatis (alumnus 2022).

Our distinguished alumna Mrs. Elpida Besi with the High School Principal of our school Mrs. Antigoni Laskaridou