Activity of the Chemistry Club

We deeply thank Professor Yianni Bourmpakis from Swanson School of EngineeringUniversity of Pittsburgh, for the opportunity he gave to the Chemistry Club students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna to participate in this activity! Within the framework of this activity, our students watched videos produced by university students in the field of Chemical Engineering and assessed them according to certain criteria. Our students participated with enthusiasm and watched with great interest the videos that had to do with the subjects of chemical kinetics and the design of reactors, in fields like electrochemical hydrogen production and biodiesel production.

Within the framework of the same activity, it was our pleasure to collaborate, even indirectly, with Dr. Ioannis Kerkines and his students from ACS Athens (American Community Schools)! We hope we collaborate again soon!

Μπορεί να είναι εικόνα 9 άτομα, άτομα που μελετούν και κείμενο

Μπορεί να είναι εικόνα 8 άτομα, άτομα που μελετούν, τηλεόραση και κείμενο

Visit in the School of Philosophy, NKUA

On Thursday 15 April, a very important experience had the groups of Humanities Orientation of the C’ and B’ Classes of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna. The students and their accompanying teachers visited the premises of the School of Philosophy, NKUA, met the School Chancellor Mr. D. Drosos and attended presentations of University Professors that had to do with the professional orientation and career prospects of this School students.

More precisely, Ms. B. Efstathiou from the Psychology Department, Ms. A. Karakatsouli from the Department of Drama Studies, Mr. P. Petridis from the Department of History-Archaeology and Ms. D. Menti from the Department of Greek Language and Literature talked to the students in the hospitable space of the Museum of Archaeology and History, which hosts collections of exhibits of unique importance, with reference to all the historical periods of the Hellenic civilization, as well as a thoroughly equipped unit of exhibit maintenance. Then, the students were informed by Mr. D. Benetos from the Department of Greek Language and Literature, in the Lab of Digital Processing and Management of Ancient Greek and Latin Language Resources.

In the discussion that followed, the students asked their questions on issues concerning the curricula and the professional perspectives of the students in the aforementioned Departments.

In the end, the visiting students and their accompanying Greek Language and Literature teachers Mr. G. Thodis and Ms. A. Laskaridou, School Principal, visited the Library of the School of Philosophy, where they were informed about the wide range of the Humanities fields that the Library addresses and the various categories of resources it offers.

We deeply thank the Departments of the School of Philosophy, NKUA, the teaching staff that informed the school students, and especially the Professor of Byzantine Archaeology Mr. Platon Petridis for his valuable assistance and the arrangement of this visit.

Great distinction in the Panhellenic High School competitions

6th place in the finals of the Panhellenic school competition in 3000 metres for Angeliki Tzanetou



A’ Class student Angeliki Tzanetou got the 6th place in the finals of the 3000 metres,  improving again her personal record at 10:37” (in phase A’ she made 11:00” and in phase B’ 10:51”). Angeliki was among the 12 best student-athletes from Greece and Cyprus in the final phase of the sports of Track-and-Field, held in Serres on 22-23 April 2024. In the 3000 metres race that was held in rain, even though she was one of the youngest, she improved her personal record and got a good place, proving that next year she can be even at a better place.

Congratulations to Angeliki for her success!

Participation in other sports:

On 18 and 19 April 2024, in the individual table tennis competition participated the B’ class students Diamantopoulou Sofia, Tsintzou Anna-Bella, Papadopoulos Vasileios, Sarafoglou Vasileios, Skartsilis Antonios, Mozon Efthymios, Kakogiannos Maximos, Mertoglou Konstantinos, and the A’ class student Panousaki Alexandra. In the 32 best student-athletes from the 300 boys and 100 girls from all over Greece were Skartisilis Antonios and Papadopoulos Vasileios, who played very well.

Congratulations to all the students for their participation!!!





Participation of the Rhetoric Club in “Debates 20204”

Congratulations to the Rhetoric Club students of our school on their participation, their decent conduct and their very good performance at the 9th Student Debate Competition 2024, which was held in “Polytropi” School on Saturday, 13 April 2024.

The competition was organized by the 1st High School of Papagou, the German School of Athens, the Greek-French School “Jeanne d’Arc”, “Polytropi Armonia” School and “Polytropi” School, in collaboration with the Inter-departmental Programme of Master Studies “Rhetoric, Humanities and Education” of the Pedagogic Department of Primary Education, School of Education, NKUA.


The topics of the debates chosen by the Academic Committee for the two cycles of the competition and the finals were:

  • Friends must have the same ideas on basic issues.
  • E-commerce must replace physical commerce.
  • Citizens have the right to know politicians’ private life.

The Rhetoric Club students who were prepared by the teacher in charge of the Club Maria Litsardou and participated in DEBATES 2024 were the following:

  • from A’ class: Zorba-Sfaellou Danai, Katrani Maria – Rozalia, Karali Vassiliki-Pelagia (member of the Rhetoric Club of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna and student of the 7th High School of Nea Smyrni “Estia”)
  • from B’ class: Argyriou Nikolaos, Kantartzi Athina, Linardakis Georgios
  • from C’ class: Mountzouraki Natalia, Sarchousoudis Themistoklis, Tsironis Konstantinos.
The School Principal

Laskaridou Antigoni

Teacher of Greek Language and Literature

The Teacher in charge of the Club

Litsardou Maria

Teacher of Greek Language and Literature

Competition Cansat In Greece 2024

We are happy to announce that our school will host the finals of the competition Cansat In Greece 2024, which will be held on 25-28 April.

On Thursday 25/4, on Saturday 27/4 and on Sunday 28/4 teams from all over Greece will present their creations to the critics and the audience. The competition programme is presented below. The launching will be held on Friday 26/4 elsewhere.

Our school Robotics Team

Asterius robotics team consists of A’ and B’ class students, supervised by the teachers Panagiota-Ismini Matthe (IT) and Maria Diakonou (Physics).


Our school has participated in the competition since the first year of its organization, under the supervision of Mr. Christos Fanidis, and in fact the robotics team has reached once the 1st place and twice the 2nd place

What is CanSat

CanSat in Greece is a Panhellenic space competition realized by the non-governmental organisation SPIN – Space Innovation, under the coordination of ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) GREECE. The competition lasts 8 months starting at its announcement and it has got two categories, one for high school students and one for university students. The winning team participates in the European competition CanSats in Europe, organized by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The participants have to design and construct an educational satellite, in the shape of a can, which realizes a space mission that they choose. The satellite is launched at 1 kilometre inside a rocket created by SPIN and then it is released from the rocket. After its release, the satellite lands with safety with the use of a parachute, carrying out the mission that the team has selected.

You can find more information about the competition in the following links:

Model teaching in Religious Education

On the 11th April 2024, within the framework of the subject of Religious Education, we received in the ceremony hall of our school a group of 30 students from the Department of Theology, School of Theology, NKUA, so that they would attend model teaching in two lessons.

The model lessons were carried out by the Religious Education teacher Mr. Sotirios Kollias, who taught the thematic units “Forgiveness as transcendence in Christianism” and “The Christian community in a multicultural world”, with the collaboration of the B2 and B4 group students.

The students were divided from the beginning of the lesson in 5 groups and were asked to work in these groups and express their opinion about the topics under study.

The teaching units were developed in four stages, starting from the element of Experiencing, taking into consideration students’ experiences on these topics.

The process continued with Conceptualising, during which the teacher projected relevant pictures and videos on the whiteboard that the students were asked to comment on. In this stage the bridging with the theological thought was gradually realized.

The next stage was Analysing through a deep insight in the texts of the New Testament and in modern texts, on which the students worked in groups in order to identify concepts and answer specific questions of the worksheet.

In the stage of Implementing, the students were asked to participate in group activities, which they then presented in the class plenary.

In the end, in order to consolidate the thematic unit, the students were asked to take a personal stance justifying their opinion in comparison with the statements read by the teacher.

After the end of the two lessons, Mr. Kollias presented and analysed to the university students the stages of the lessons and answered their questions.

Distinction and participation in the Panhellenic Sports Competitions for High Schools

In the finals of the Panhellenic School Championship in track and field, in the  3000 metres has passed Angeliki Tzanetou.


A great distinction in the sport of 3000 metres was achieved by A’ class student Angeliki Tzanetou (716), who made two personal records (in stage A’ with a time of 11:00” and in stage B’ with a time of 10:51”). The student passed in the finals (Stage C’) and she is among the best 12 student athletes in Greece and Cyprus and will try to do even better in the final stage of all the sports of track and field, which will be held is Serres, Greece, on 22 – 23 April 2024.

Congratulations to Angeliki and good luck in the finals!

In the races of stage A’ participated the B’ class student Georgios Koutroulis (737) in the sport of 400 metres, doing very well.


Participation in other sports:

In tennis participated: in the student individual, the A’ class students Eleni Nt’ Oria, Nikolaos Arapidis, Magdalini Travlou and the B’ class student Athina Petrou, and in the student mixed, the B’ class students Christina Michalochrista, Stavros Maramenidis and the C’ class student Faidra Karasavvidi. They all performed very well.


In the 50 metres crawl, in swimming, participated the B’ class student Nikolaos Argyriou, having a very good performance.


Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna students’ participation is completed this week with the participation of the B’ class student Maria Konstantinidi in the final stage of gymnastics, which is taking place in Thessalloniki, and of 12 students in table tennis championship, which is held in Peace and Friendship Stadium, in Piraeus.

Congratulations to all the students for their participation!

8-12 April 2024: Spanish teachers’ job shadowing in Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

During the period 8 to 12 April 2024, two teachers, one of English and one of Technology, from the Institut Sabadell in Spain, visited our school for job shadowing in the framework of an Erasmus+ project.

The Spanish teachers attended classes as well as the Club of Cinematic Education, had meetings and talks with the school Administration and teachers and were informed about the national curriculum, the Clubs, the extra-curricular activities as well as the way of administration and function of the school and of the Greek education system as a whole. Moreover, they presented the function of their own school to our school teachers and exchanged ideas and good practices.

After a very interesting and constructive week together, we waved them goodbye and both sides hope for a future collaboration in the framework of Erasmus+ projects.

Job shadowing and visit of the cinematographer Mr. Grigorios Stavropoulos in the Club of Cinematic Education

On Tuesday 9 April 2024 visited the Club of Cinematic Education two teachers from Institut Sabadell in Spain, within the framework of an Erasmus+ project job shadowing, which they realise in Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna during the period 8-12 April 2024.

In the beginning of the meeting, the B’ class students presented their two-year work in the Club, which included introduction to the theory and practice of cinematic techniques, script-writing, the creation of a fiction short film and its submission to a student competition of short films.

Afterwards, the A’ class students presented the script they are working on this period, talked about the inspiration of the central concept and the messages the short film they want to create in the following school year aims to put across.

Since on that day we had the happiness and honour to have with us the cinematographer Mr. Grigorios Stavropoulos, Mr. Stavropoulos talked with the Club members and provided them with valuable feedback on their works. Then, he talked about the way and the techniques of old film restoration, fact that helped us travel in the cinema history, not only of our country but also of the whole Europe. With Mr. Stavropoulos we arranged to meet again in the following school year.

The Spanish teachers talked with the students, asked questions about the process of their works, then discussed with Mr. Stavropoulos about issues concerning the European cinema and at the end of the meeting, they left really satisfied from that constructive session.

Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to the C’ Class students Victor Kavouras, Elissavet Alevizou and Panagiotis Konstantopoulos, as well as to the A’ Class students Georgios Pnevmatikatos and Konstantinos Mpoulamatsis for their excellent performance at the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition, which is organized by the Hellenic Chemists’ Association!