Realization of Activities with the Ordrup Gymnasium from Denmark

On Thursday 29 February 2024, from 08:10 until 14:05, visited our school a group of 32 students (17 boys and 15 girls) of B and C class and 2 teachers of History and Social Sciences from Ordrup Gymnasium, Denmark.

The aim of this visit was their acquaintance with the Greek education system, the attendance of English Language and Citizenship lessons, the use of English as a common language of communication, as well as the discussion and realization of common activities for the acquaintance of the students and the exchange of opinions regarding the ways for the youth to deal with the current social issues and their approach of European Union’s role. Furthermore, the long-term aim was the acquaintance of the two schools and the common realization of activities in the framework of future Erasmus+ projects.

Our school reception class was A2 and the teachers in charge of the preparation and realization of the activities were Eirini Arnaouti (English Teacher) and Matthaios Giannaras (Economy and Political Science Teacher).