37th National Mathematics Olympiad ?Archimedes?

With 14 students will participate our High School and with 15 our Secondary School in the Mathematics Olympiad that will be held on Saturday 22/02/2020 in the building of the New Chemistry (Navarinou 13A, Athens) at 09:00. Congratulations to all the participants in ?Euclid? competition that was held in January, since the solving of at least one problem in it constitutes an important success and encourages students for a bigger effort of self-improvement.

Next year we will do better.

Our school has the team with the biggest number of participants in the National Mathematics Olympiad and the biggest number among the teams of all the Greek high schools (private, state and Model & Experimental Schools).

Congratulations and all the best to our students from

A? Class:

Gerasis Anastasios, Kantartzis Spyridon, Kasimatis Dimitrios, Katakouzinos Vasileios, Koroniou Maria, Kougemitros Orfeas, Kouroukli Anna, Kouroukli Alezandra, Oikonomopoulou Nansy, Tsolas Miltiadis, Chatzivasiloglou Vasileios

B? Class:

Emmanouil Dimitrios, Skreka Christina

C? Class:

Pipis Evangelos.

Congratulations to all the math teachers and of course, to our school Vice-Headmaster Mr. S. Chasapis, who runs the after-school Club of Excellence in Mathematics with a lot of care.

The Headmaster