Participation in the 8th Student Competition ‘The exhibits through the students’ eyes’

For the second consecutive year our school participated in the Student Competition ‘The exhibits through the students’ eyes’. This year’s 8th competition whose topic was ‘The effect of climate change on our planet ecosystems’ was organized by the Museum of History in collaboration with the Museum of Zoology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and addressed students of C’ class of the junior high school and of A’, B’, C’ class of the senior high school of the whole country.

Our A’ and B’ class students worked in small groups and realized the following works:

  1. A brief research project on climate change, answering questions like: What is the climate change? How was it caused? How did we learn about it (Keeling curve)? How are the ecosystems affected (effects)?
  2. Based on the aforementioned research, they created relevant posters, a video, an electronic quiz and a knowledge board game with cards.

The A’ and B’ class students that participated (in alphabetical order):

1. Vasileiou Eirini
2. Georgiou Georgios
3. Dalamagkas Dimitrios
4. Damilakos Donatos-Tzanetos
5. Dionysopoulou Paraskevi Melina
6. Katsa Konstantina
7. Koukouzelis Nikitas
8. Kyrkilis Konstantinos
9. Leka Sofia Despoina
10. Liagka Aikaterini
11. Mpoulamatsis Konstantinos
12. Nonota Sofia
13. Paizis Radoicovic Petros
14. Panousaki Alexandra
15. Partheniou Despoina
16. Pilichou Anastasia
17. Pnevmatikatos Georgios
18. Prapas Stamatios
19. Tzanetou Angeliki
20. Travlou Magdalini
21. Tsavala Panagiota
22. Fotakis Iason
23. Fotiadis Konstantinos

Teachers in charge: Chrysi Angelidou, Christodoulos Makedonas, Panagiota Matthe