Rate mal, wer? – Guess who?

The effect of play is necessary for the development of children’s personality since through that they prepare for real life. They discover their interests, their inclinations and their talents. Through play is cultivated children’s creativity and imagination, and is developed their ability to express their opinion. Play contributes to children’s preparation for the future and the character they will have formed. Moreover, play is a prerequisite for the successful participation in educational environments that expose children to important concepts of language and science more generally. Experiential education, through play, is student-centered and not teacher-centered.

Taking for granted the game-centered, collaborative and inter-disciplinary learning, the students of German from the A3 group of A class Athanasiou Evangelos-Nektarios, Tzanetou Aggeliki, Triantafyllos Konstantinos, Fotakis Iason, Chararis Vasileios, Charitos Alexandros, Chatzopoulou Anna-Louiza and Psarros Georgios started to learn while playing digitally… Within this framework, they created their own game – a quiz, both in Greek and in German, focusing on important famous personalities.

Since antiquity until nowadays, many people have managed to leave their mark on international history. Each one of them has their own collection of achievements that is worth to be mentioned.

These are historical personalities, philosophers, scientists, artists and politicians, who have influenced to an important degree the way modern society works.

This game invites you to discover, through knowledge and learning, the achievements and the importance of these unique people.

So, welcome to the game «Guess who?» – “Rate mal, wer?” and get ready for an exciting trip in knowledge, where curiosity and the exploration of knowledge meet the joy of playing!



Teachers in charge:

Gritzalioti Aikaterini

Thodis Georgios