Event of the school Reading Club

On Friday 12/05/2023, Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna?s Reading Club, organized by the teacher E. Karimali, hosted Mrs. Anna Afentoulidou, a distinguished Greek Language teacher and poet, who works in the Institute of Educational Policy, in the Sector of Humanities and Letters as a substitute coordinator of the Special Education Field.

During her visit, the A2 class students and the students of the Reading Club participated in a 2-teaching hour Poetry Workshop that the visitor conducted. During the first teaching hour was realised the analysis of her poem ?Game? (?Παίγνιον?) from her poetry collection ?Stories of Iconic Balance? (editions Gabriel), while during the second teaching hour students worked on Poetry Creative Writing under the poet?s guidance.

I deeply thank Mrs. Afentoulidou for the unique opportunity she offered to the students to participate in an experiential analysis of her poetic work as well as in the creation of their own poem. After discussing with her, we aim at future extended collaboration with her in the framework of the Reading Club during the following school year.

Evangelia Karimali