One more award for the film of our school Cinema Club entitled ?Did you send an sms??

Congratulations to the team of our students from our school Cinema Club for the 3rd award in the category ?Fiction Film for the Higher Secondary Education? in the 13th International Student Competition of Short Films Did you study?cinema??

Our team participated in the competition with the short film ?Did you send an sms??, which was created during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Here is the summary of the film: In the first semester of 2021, during the second lockdown due to covid-19, when the transport was allowed under certain circumstances and after sending an sms, two teenagers meet through a series of situations that reflect the problems of the Greek society in that period.

We also congratulate our teachers who encouraged and guided the students, Eirini Arnaouti, Sotirios Kollias, Georgios Thodis and Ioanna Pseftogianni!

You can watch the film in Greek here.