Silver medal and 2nd place for Iasonas Vaskas in the Panhellenic School Shooting Competition


Great distinction of the B class student Vaskas Iasonas, who got the 2nd place in the Panhellenic High School Competition on Saturday 18 March 2023. The competition was held in the National Shooting Hall of Vyronas. Iasonas participated in the air gun category and won the silver medal. For the 2nd win in Panhellenic competitions of all categories is attributed a twenty percent (20%) addition to the credits for the entry to the Department of Science of Physical Education and Sports and eight percent (8%) for the entry to other University departments.


Congratulations to Iasonas who proved that he combines in an excellent way academic knowledge, ethos and the sport he loves. We wish him only success in every step he takes.

On Thursday 9 March 2023 the A class student Nikolaos Argyriou participated in the Panhellenic Swimming School Competition in 50 metres crawl. The competition was held in the indoor swimming pool of Nikaia.


Congratulations to Nikolaos for his participation!