Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna hosted the 2nd mobility of the Erasmus+KA229 European Project entitled ?Playing Europe?

In the framework of the Erasmus+KA229 European Project entitled ?Playing Europe? was successfully realised its 2nd mobility in the premises of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, from 14/3/2022 until 18/3/2022.

In the project participate students and teachers from the schools: IES El Carmen (Murcia, Spain), Istituto Istruzione Superiore Orso Mario Corbino (Partinico, Italy), Sint-Gummaruscollege (Lier, Belgium) and Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, (Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece), which was this time the school that hosted the European partners.

The European priorities set for this European Project concerned the reinforcement of the development of basic skills, the support of the teachers and the educational leadership, and the promotion of the holistic approach of foreign language teaching and learning.

The project objectives were: the learning of new tools and strategies for the management of diversity in class, the acquaintance with the European culture and history through traditional games, the integration of traditional game in the educational process (especially as a means of facing diversity in our schools), the improvement of our students? oral and written skills in English and of their cognitive and soft skills (communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity) through the use of traditional games.

During their stay in Greece, the students and teachers from the partner-schools participated in the following activities:

  • ?Presentation of traditional games?:Presentation of selected traditional and popular games and their implementation.
  • ?Our history?:Creation of short stop-motion animation films about six (06) selected historical periods of Greece: Classical Athens, the Foundation of Constantinople, the Fall of Constantinople, the Greek Revolution of 1821, the 28th October 1940 and the Polytechnic University Revolt.
  • ?Educational Visit?:Visit and educational programmes in Benaki Toy Museum and in Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology (Exhibition of Ancient Greek Instruments and Toys).
  • ?Integration in the host school?:Attendance of teaching of mathematics and philosophy, depending on the partner-teachers? specialisation while visiting students followed their Greek partners in their classes; Lesson of Greek as a Foreign Language for both partner-teachers and students.
  • ?Teaching Unit?:Students? writing down of ideas regarding the integration of the host country?s games in the educational process.
  • ?Playing Europe ? The quiz?:Creation of a digital quiz with multiple choice questions regarding the games and the culture of the host country.
  • ?Acquaintance with the Greek civilization?:Visit in the Acropolis Archaeological Museum, in the Acropolis, in the Ancient Agora, in Thission and in Monastiraki as well as solving of a crossword puzzle regarding the ancient Greek civilization.
  • ?Presentation ? Banquet?:Project dissemination event in the presence of representatives of the educational institutions and of the wider school and local community and buffet with traditional snacks of the host country.

Despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic of covid-19, our purpose to build good and productive relations between the schools of European countries was achieved, bearing in mind, among others, the warm thanks we received from our partners both during their stay and after arriving in their countries.