GETTING TO KNOW CERN – Our students’ virtual tour

On Wednesday 17/02/2021, the B’ class students (30 in total) of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna had the chance to attend the presentation of CERN researcher Dr. Despoina Chatzifotiadou. The objective of the activitiy was B’ class students’ acquaintance with the biggest experiment centre of nuclear studies. The meeting was held on the Zoom platform.

Dr. Chatzifotiadou presented experiments made in this centre and referred to standard scientific models of Science. The description of accelerators and detectors as well as the analysis of studies regarding the fundamental particles, the fundamental interactions in nature, the production of new particles, and the application of used technology in human life attracted students’ interest, who, for a long time, posed their questions and had a discussion with Dr. Chatzifotiadou.

The activity was organised by our school Physics teacher Mrs. Toulatou, who we deeply thank.