Success in the Panhellenic Chemistry Student Competition for the B’ High School Class

We congratulate our student Athanasios Fokaidis-Psyllas on his 5th place in the Panhellenic Chemistry Competition (1611 participants).

Athanasios will be awarded a prize for his achievement by the Greek Chemists’ Association and will participate in the National Team that will represent Greece in the Chemistry Olympiad!

We also want to congratulate eight more of our students who were among the 16% of the highest scores: Christos Aggelos Konidas, Chrysoula Panigyraki, Maria Perra, Dimitris Paizis-Radoicovic, Isavella Papadopoulou, Alexandros Georgoulias, Ariadne Skopeliti and Daphne-Georgia Psaraki.

Moreover, congratulations to their teacher Dr. Christodoulos Makedonas for the knowledge he offers them and the love for chemistry he has transmitted to them.

The School Principal