Panhellenic school championship in Greece and Cyprus

Congratulations to all the school teams that represented our school.

The students that participated in our school teams showed their best self. They proved that they can combine sports with excellent academic performance, participate and play against their friends, co-players in sports clubs and even their siblings that attend other schools, in the framework of “fair play”. In a healthy environment like that of the school championship, they showed consistency, ethos, athletic spirit, respect for their rivals and the referees, will to participate and win, they collaborated with their fellow students from all the school classes and everybody applauded the course of each team. They will have the best of memories from the representation of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna through sports, too.

The students’ participation in track and field, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and shooting are to follow. The big number of participations proves that in the difficult period of the high school, due to the students’ multiple duties, with the correct programming, students can and must do sports and benefit from them.

The volleyball team played in many games and deserves warm congratulations.


In the volleyball team played: Diamanti Marilia, Karasavvidi Faidra, Katsadoraki Despoina, Kouka Niki, Leka Sofia Despoina, Moutzouraki Natalia, Nikaki Antigoni, Panagopoulou Foteini, Papakammenou Ioanna, Touloupi Anna, Triantafyllou Christina, Tsintzou Anna Bella, Christopoulou Agapi.

The basketball team showed first the way to success starting with a win but then they played with a more efficient team.


In the basketball team played: Anagnostopoulos Ionas, Dimitrakopoulos Stylianos, Komitas Fotios, Makris Konstantinos, Maramenidis Stavros, Mertoglou Konstantinos, Ntilis Nikolaos, Plemmenos Dimosthenis, Rallis Dimitrios, Rissakis Antonios, Sakellarakis Georgios, Sotiriou Dimitrios, Charitos Ioannis.

The football team started with a win but in the second match they were beaten in the penalties.


In the football team played: Panagiotis Martis, Ioannis Papadakis, Athanasios Andritsos, Michail Aggouras, Epameinontas Fafoutis, Konstantinos Falidas, Ioannis Karantzikis, Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Vasileios Nasopoulos, Adamantios Merdis, Themistoklis Nikolopoulos, Georgios Galanakis, Dimitrios Romanidis, Ektoras Kampadais, Georgios Bouras, Ioannis Giannopoulos, Filippos Savvaidis and Ioannis Tzanetos.

Congratulations to all the students!