Our school participation in Euroscola 2018 session

On the 27th November 2018 one more Euroscola session was held, in which our school students Christos-Aggelos Konidas and Georgia Manioudaki, accompanied by their Sociology teacher Mrs. Maria Lekka, participated. About 550 students along with their teachers, from 22 groups of the whole European Union, gathered in the chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg for a Eurοscοla session, putting themselves in the position of a European Parliament Member for one day.

In the morning, they had the chance to directly ask their questions to the German European MP Dennis Radtke.

In the afternoon, after discussing and collaborating with their peers from all the countries-members of the EU, they made precise suggestions concerning certain basic issues of the EU (youth employment, immigration, renewable energy and environment, security versus privacy, EU cultural heritage and the future of Europe) and they had the chance to see their suggestions between evaluated by the assembly.

Our students actively participated with questions and remarks during the discussions in groups and in the assembly and gained an unforgettable experience.

Congratulations to all the participants and to our students!

The School Headmaster and Teachers