Positive impressions from the speech of the Member of the European Parliament Mrs. Eliza Vozemberg in our school

With exceptional happiness and interest did our school students and teachers attend the speech of the Member of the European Parliament Mrs. Eliza Vozemberg, who visited our school as an invited guest, in the framework of the completion of the action ?Schools-Ambassadors of the European Parliament?.

On the ?Day of Europe?, Mrs. Vozemberg referred to the problems that the European Union is facing as well as to the new age challenges. More precisely, she highlighted the effort made to turn the interest of the decision-makers from the course of economy to the real problems that citizens face. She also talked about inequality in Europe, and especially in our country, regarding the opportunities offered to women so as to fight for their rights and be promoted in their professional environment. She referred analytically to the high crime rates, in the last years, against women and in general to the high crime rates of sex violence. She underlined that initiatives are needed for the enforcement of women?s participation in politics and the elimination of offensive stereotypes that undermine women?s position. As far as the increasing euro-skepticism is concerned, although she admitted that there are disagreements and opposing opinions, she stressed that all the time is pursued convergence and collaboration for the common course of all European nations. Regarding the steady demands of Greece about the relationship of our country with its neighbours, she underlined that diachronically all the Greek governments make an effort to sensitize the European institutions so as to be faced effectively and be recognised as European problems the possible imperialistic practices of third countries against our country.   She made a special mention to the youth, by saying that the decision of the European Union must focus on the young people and the improvement of the opportunities offered to them as they are the future European citizens.

After the speech, a discussion between Mrs. Vozemberg and the A? class students that attended the speech followed. The event was completed with the presentation of the students? works.