Participation in the “Foreshadowing an Executive” educational programme

During the school year 2019-2020 the A1 and A3 students, under the supervision of the mathematician Ms. Argyri Panagiota, participated in the educational programme “Foreshadowing an Executive” of the Youth Entrepreneurship Association (Junior Achievement Greece). A 3-hour educational activity/visit in Vodafone was realised by the students. They visited the working place of the business, where they came in touch with executives, with the aim to be acquainted with the conditions of work of this professional field. During the visit, the business executives talked to the students, explained the business infrastructure and the departments of it, the way they function and the role each one of them plays in the product creation or the service provision of the business. The programme functioned to a great extent as Professional Orientation aiming at students’ investigation of career opportunities and at students’ evaluation of competences and skills that they should have to respond to the job market demands.

Our students’ distinction

We congratulate our students Konstantinos-Iakovos Tzelepis, Karaoglanis Ignatios and their teacher Mrs. Konstantina Svoli for the student-candidates’ passing in the regional round of the Hellenic Economics Olympiad. You can see the results here. We wish them good luck in the next round, too.

The Headmaster

Creative Research Projects 2019-2020 of the A1, Α3 classes

During the school year 2019-20, in the framework of the Creative Research Projects, the A1 and A3 class students participated, under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Argyri  Panagiota (mathematician), in the educational project entitled “Virtual Enterprise” and the following competition “Best Student Virtual Enterprise”  of the Youth Entrepreneurship Association “Junior Achievement Greece”, which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs ( Φ.1/ΔΝ/159020/Δ7).

The products and services of the virtual enterprises were:

Α3 class:

“No Recycling Decoration” (Products of domestic use of non-recyclable materials)


With respect to the environment, the enterprise was procured with non-recyclable materials (fabrics, plastic bags, wood, carton, wet paper) that could not be recycled and also with materials destined for waste and turned them into aesthetically beautiful products for domestic use and decoration.

With the slogan “Don’t throw it away, bring it to us”, there had been a network of collection of non-recyclable materials with a financial regard for an incentive.  With creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, we sent the consumers the message that there are solutions in order to protect our environment from waste and to turn the non-used materials into aesthetically beautiful objects for domestic use.  

2021-02-22 10_52_58-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration    2021-02-22 10_53_10-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration

2021-02-22 10_53_32-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration

A1 class:

Easy Solar Cooking (ESC) (Solar oven)

With the objectives of

  • the adoption of a new culture of eco-friendly behaviour and the cultivation of environmental awareness to people of all ages for the use of renewable energy sources.
  • the promotion of the importance of use of renewable energy sources and the highlighting of the practical applications they find in people’s everyday life.

φωτογραφια6                              7 


Preparation of the enterprise project: Collaboration of students – teachers and support by the volunteer Consultant Mrs. Tsiastoudi Eirini.


Learning outcomes: Entrepreneurship knowledge


  • Environmental and ecological awareness
  • Responsible consumption attitude

Skills: Responsibility, Collaboration, Teamwork, Creativity, Problem-solving, Innovation, Decision-making

Our school participation in a Two-day Pahellenic Student Conference for the 2,500 years from the battle of Thermopylae and the naval battle of Salamina

On 11-12 February 2021, Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated in the Two-day Panhellenic Student Conference entitled:

“Dialogue or clash of civilizations? 2,500 years from the battle of Thermopylae and the naval battle of Salamina”

The conference was organized by the Secondary and High School of the College of Athens, the Secondary and High School of the College of Psychiko, in collaboration with the Foundation Marianna V. Vardinogianni under the Aegis of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (decision with reference number 177642/Δ2/30.12.2020). The opening of the conference was saluted by Mrs. M. Vardinogianni, the President of the Hellenic Republic Mrs. Sakellaropoulou, the ex-President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. P. Pavlopoulos and the Minister of Education Mrs. N. Kerameos.

Our school presentation was made during the 1st thematic unit of the Conference, which was entitled “War, father of all: attempts of a thorough evaluation of conflicts and wars in the past and in modern times”.  The title of our 3 students’ presentation was “Geopolitics Then and Now: the Interpretation of War as a Reproduction and Redistribution of Power in the Antiquity”.

Our school presentation was made by 3 C’ class students: Panagiotis Magos, Antreas Tsouvalas and Aggeliki Charalampopoulou. The teacher in charge of the students’ preparation was Mrs. Evangeli Karimali. We congratulate the diligence, fluency, and high degree of historical critical thought of the 3 students, which let them carry out their presentation with success. The conference was attended by 10 more students of A’ class and the Greek Language and Literature teacher Mrs. Evangelia Papadaki.


In this presentation we suggest the study and understanding of the phenomenon of war in the antiquity through the geopolitical and international affairs analysis. More precisely, we suggest the study of inter-state relations under the prism of the strategies that the states develop and apply – as active agents – in order to boost or maximize their power for their profit in the ‘international environment’ of their time (Political Realism). Finally, we showcase the application of this geopolitical model on two case studies: the first refers to Thucydides’ analysis of the strategies applied during the Peloponnesean war and the second refers to the conflict strategies of Eastern Mediterranean people (Mycenaeans, Hittites and Egyptians) during the 2nd millennium B.C.

GETTING TO KNOW CERN – Our students’ virtual tour

On Wednesday 17/02/2021, the B’ class students (30 in total) of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna had the chance to attend the presentation of CERN researcher Dr. Despoina Chatzifotiadou. The objective of the activitiy was B’ class students’ acquaintance with the biggest experiment centre of nuclear studies. The meeting was held on the Zoom platform.

Dr. Chatzifotiadou presented experiments made in this centre and referred to standard scientific models of Science. The description of accelerators and detectors as well as the analysis of studies regarding the fundamental particles, the fundamental interactions in nature, the production of new particles, and the application of used technology in human life attracted students’ interest, who, for a long time, posed their questions and had a discussion with Dr. Chatzifotiadou.

The activity was organised by our school Physics teacher Mrs. Toulatou, who we deeply thank.



Our graduate participates in the ASAT of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

We are very happy that our graduate Petros Dimitrentsis is the head of the department of Rocket Technology of the ASAT student team of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The team deals with Aeronautics and Rocket Technology, which means with the construction and launching of unmanned aircrafts and the construction and launching of high power rockets.

The Headmaster

Our students’ documentary on ERT2

It has been especially honourable for the inter-school network of oral and local history of the 4th Regional Centre of Educational Design of Attica and the Educational Design Coordinator and responsible for this network Mrs. Giouli Chronopoulou to receive an invitation  by the TV programme “Kleinon Asty” of ERT2, dedicated to oral history. In the TV programme also participated representatives from the three school-members of the network that realized relevant activities, among which Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna.

Our school participated with the documentary entitled  Remembrance, creation of the C1 Class students Vasiliki-Christina Zioga and Georgia-Theodora Zora and of our school alumna Chionia Panagaki, under the supervision of the teachers Georgios Thodis and Eirini Arnaouti. In the TV programme, our school was represented by the student Vasiliki-Christina Zioga. The TV programme will be broadcast on Saturday, 6/3/2021, at 9 p.m. on ERT2. 



Lecture of the researcher Dr. Emmanouil Sareidakis from the National Research Centre for Natural Sciences “Democritus”

On Wednesday 27/01/2021, the A’ Class and the B2 Class students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna had the chance to attend a lecture by Dr. Emmanouil Sareidakis, researcher in the National Research Centre for Natural Sciences “Democritus”.

The lecture was organized within the framework of the interdisciplinary school project organized by the teachers Mrs. Aggelidou and Mr. Thodis on the evolution of the contagious diseases.

The teleconferencing was realized with the presence of teachers and students on Webex platform.

Short curriculum vitae of Dr. Sareidakis:

Emmanouil G. Sareidakis studied Physics in the Imperial College of London, where he also obtained his PhD in Biophysics in 1995. He also studied Philosophy and History of Sciences in the LSE, University of London. Today he is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in the National Research Centre for Natural Sciences “Democritus” as well as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Medical School of Imperial College. In 2017 he worked for a year in the National Centre of Molecular Biophysics of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), in Orleans, France, with a European research scholarship ‘Marie Curie’. His research evolves around the crystallization and crystallography of biological macromolecules (proteins and nuclear acids) with application in the development of new medicines, as well as with the structural study of smaller organic molecules with biological activity. He has published 46 papers in scientific journals and a book (Bioethics- Ethical issues of the new biomedical technologies, Papazisis editions, 2008).

Our Erasmus+KA229 “Playing Europe” project on Scientix platform

One more dissemination activity of our project is a fact! Our project has been uploaded on the Scientix European educational platform and has been included in the Scientix Digest, which is the Scientix community news release.


The award-winning works of the student Literature Competition organised by the 4th Regional Centre of Educational Design of Attica were published

The award-winning works of the student Literature Competition entitled “STAYING AT HOME…”, organised by the 4th Regional Centre of Educational Design of Attica last March-April 2020, were published. You can read them here in Greek.
We congratulate our students for the awards and distinctions they won. More specifically:

In the category “High School Poem”:
1st award: Styliani Plevraki: “The armour” («Η πανοπλία»), Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

The following distinctions (in alphabetical order):
Pelagia Stamataki: “The kitchen table” («Το τραπέζι της κουζίνας»), Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna
Andreas Tsouvalas: “Love of sin” («Έρως της αμαρτίας»), Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna
Angeliki Charalampopoulou: “You and the world” («Εσύ κι ο κόσμος»), Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

The special mention:
Maria Fefe: “The other” («Ο άλλος»), Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

The Headmaster