Award for our students’ documentary

Congratulations to our students Vasiliki-Christina Zioga and Theodora Zora, to our alumna Chionia Panagaki and to our teachers Dr. Eirini Arnaouti and Mr. Georgios Thodis for being awarded a prize by the Cultural Centre of Nea Smyrni for their documentary entitled “Remembrance”. 

Participation of our school teachers in the 6th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation

Our school headmaster Dr.Christos Fanidis and our school teachers Dr. Eirini Arnaouti with Mr. Georgios Thodis and Dr.Chrysi Aggelidou with Mrs. Christina Papadaki participated with presentations in the 6th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation organised by EEPEK academic association. The conference was realised online on 16-18 October 2020. 

The title of the headmaster Dr.Christos Fanidis’ presentation was “Students discover Mathematics, Physics, Informatics and develop technical skills through the CanSat project of space robotics” and was based on the work of the school Robotics Club’s participants that have been distinguished in the CanSat space robotics competition in the last few years. His online presentation is available on:

The title of Dr.Eirini Arnaouti and Mr.Georgios Thodis’ presentation was “Creating a digital archive and a digital documentary in an inter-disciplinary project of the High School”, which was the result of a project realised with students of the high school of Evangeliki during the school year 2018-2019. The results of the project were also sent to the 1st Greek Educational RadioTelevision competition “Your history, is your town’s history” for the High School category, where they won a Distinction. Their online presentation is available on:

The title of Dr.Chrysi Aggelidou and Mrs.Christina Papadaki’s presentation was “Miro through the microscope” and was based on an inter-disciplinary project realised with students of the secondary school of Evangeliki during the school year 2018-2019. Their online presentation is available on: .

1st place of our students in the National Competition CanSat 2019 – 2020

Our school team Orion II won the 1st place in the CanSat (Satellite in a Can) 2019 – 2020 competition with their structure called Betelgeuse. You can find the announcement of our distinction here.

The presentation of their work was made by the students: Angelopoulos Dionysios, Veli Danae, Bariampa Richard, Kritharidis Konstantinos (ex-student of our school and current student of Pierce College) and Kaltsis Georgios from the 3rd High School of Nea Smyrni. Congratulations to all the students!

We also wish to thank our alumnus Tsakonas Georgios, who helped us with a technical issue that appeared in the last minute.

Since the International CanSat Competition organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) was not held this year due to the pandemic, our team will represent Greece in the International Competition of 2020 – 2021.

Dear students, we wish you a successful launch!

The Headmaster and the Teachers’ Council

Our student’s article in the CIE 2020 international conference

Congratulations to our student Bariampa Richard, who presented his article “Youth, new technologies and Informatics. The re-generation of a library” in the 12th Conference on Informatics in Education (CIE) 2020.

The article deals with the creation of the software Open School Library Lite (OSLL) that can support online the function of any school library and will support this school year our school library as well. You can watch the presentation of the article here.

The Headmaster

Distinction in the Panhellenic Competition of Educational Robotics WRO 2020

In the framework of the Secondary School of Evangeliki Robotics Club, supervised by the teacher Mr. Panteleimon Diamantis, the High School student Georgios Sakellarakis (A class) and the Secondary School student Maritina Sakellaraki (B class) participated in the 6th Panhellenic Competition of Educational Robotics WRO (World Robotics Olympiad). 
The “Evaggeliki Robotics Team” got the 5th place on a Panhellenic level in the Regular “The rivers unite Europe” category.

Congratulations to the students and to their teacher.

The Headmaster

Bronze medal for our student in the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad 2020

Congratulations to our student Emmanouil Dimitrios, who won the bronze medal in the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad 2020 (ΙΜΟ 2020) and to his teachers who have taught him both in class and in the Mathematics Club, where they train students and make them love mathematics.

The Headmaster

2nd Panhellenic place of our students in the 3rd Panhellenic Statistics Competition 2020!

Congratulations to all our school teams that participated (ALGEBROS, EVANGL_20, MILLESTAT, STATONE, A314ΘΑΝΟΙ, ΑΛΓΕΥΡΗΚΑ, ΜΟΤΕΛΕΙΟΙ, with a total of 18 students), with interest in knowledge, in the 3rd Panhellenic Statistics Competition. The three teams that passed in the competition finals (ALGEBROS, EVANGL_20, MILLESTAT) did excellent work, with presentations of professional standards. Congratulations! The winners were selected on the basis of details and our MILLESTAT team, where our A’ Class student Miltiadis Tsolas participated, was distinguished taking the 2nd Panhellenic place in the High School category. This year participation was increased by about 20% with 136 schools and 436 teams. Congratulations and good luck for the 3rd European Competition, where the first two teams will represent Greece, one of whom is from our school!

It is worth mentioning that ELSTAT-Hellenic Statistics Authority promotes education in statistics through various best-organised activities. You can access nice games and educational material on statistical concepts created by ELSTAT here:

The works of the first five teams can be accessed here:…/statistics-competition-presenta….

You can read information regarding the 3rd European Statistics Competition here:…/c40d552a-f7af-7ae1-4722-f6ba370…

Congratulations to the mathematicians of our school as well and especially to Mr. Chasapis, who dealt with our school participation in the competition.

The Headmaster