Very interesting and innovative research by the President of our school Supervisory Academic Council

Odysseas Elytis wrote from the depth of his heart…

“The language they gave me is Greek

the house poor on Homer’s beaches

My only concern is my language on Homer’s beaches…”

But modern research has proven that in the poor house where we live, we have a very rich language.

Professor Michail Vazyrgiannis, who is the President of our school Supervisory Academic Council, has proven, by using innovative methods of artificial intelligence, that our language has 7,000,000 unique words!

Congratulations to Prof. Vazyrgiannis and his team. You can see the full article here in the Greek language.

The School Headmaster

Participation in the 5th European Student Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated with a 9-member group in the 5th European Student Conference organised in Belgrade, Serbia, from 17 until 20 November 2018, entitled “Rigas Velestinlis, 220 years from his death”.

More precisely, the A’ Class students Drimi Anna-Margarita, Zora Georgia-Theodora, Magiafa Eirini, Teleoglou Eleni, Tsomokos Dimitrios, Tsouvalas Andreas and Charalampopoulou Angeliki, accompanied by their teachers Mr. Thodis Georgios and Mrs. Arnaouti Eirini, successfully presented their paper entitled “Human Rights in Rigas Velestinlis’ Constitution”.

You can read our school students’ paper here: ΕΙΣΗΓΗΣΗ

You can also see our school students’ PowerPoint presentation here: ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΣΗ Ευαγγελικής


Participation in the School Best Practices Dissemination Event

The school teachers who participated in the Erasmus+ KA1 project entitled “The European innovation as a training subject for the Greek teaching staff” presented the project and its learning outcomes in the Best Practices Dissemination Event of Evangeli Model School of Smyrna in the form of a poster. The event,  which was open to the public, was held in the school premises on Sunday 7/10/2018, at 17:00-20:00. We attach the poster in the Greek language.

Distinction of an alumnus and a student in the Olympiad in Informatics 2018

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2018)  took place in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, from 1/9 until 8/9/2018.

Greece was represented by Panagopoulos Athanasios, Pipis Evangelos, Pipis Charilaos and Rontogiannis Dimitrios.

Our alumnus Pipis Charilaos won a silver medal and our B’ class student Pipis Evangelos won a bronze medal.

Congratulations from the school teachers and the Headmaster!

Graduation ceremony 2018

On 27/6/2018 our school graduation ceremony for the year 2017-2018 was held in Eugenides Foundation.

The main speaker of the ceremony was our school alumnus and Professor in Pharmacology of NKUA Mr. Pantos.

Moreover, the prior teacher and Headmaster of our school Mr. C. Rammos was honoured.

Some photographs of the ceremony follow. You can see more photographs as well as videos by following the links.







The prior school Headmasters Mr. A. Zogas and Mr. C. Rammos with the current Headmaster Mr. C. Fanidis (from right to left)

Father Aristodimos, representative of the Bishop Mr. Symeon

The representative of the Parents and Custodians’ Association Mr. Bouzas

The representative of the School Committee and also our school alumnus and prior school teacher Mr. Zavos

The President of our school Alumni Association Mr. Tsimperdonis

The Vice-Mayor for Education Matters Mr. Syrigos

The Professor in Pharmacology and our school alumnus Mr. Pantos

The lawyer and our school alumnus Ms. Stamouli

Honouring our school prior Headmaster Mr. C. Rammos

The game…

The awarding of the memorial certificates…

And the celebration…






Distinction of our students in the 26th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics

The Headmaster and teachers of our school congratulate our student Evangelos Pipis on the gold medal and our school alumnus Charilaos Pipis on the silver medal in the 26th Balkan Olympiad in Informatics.

Our secondary school students who participated in the relevant Youth Olympiad were also distinguished.

Congratulations to them all!

Participation of our students in the European Student Parliament on Science

The European Student Parliament on Science is organised by the initiative of the Science Community of Germany “Science in Dialogue” (“Wissenschaft im Dialog”). This year’s subject was “The future of mobility” and the Parliament was realised in collaboration with Euroscience Open Forum – ESOF, in Toulouse, France (9-14/7/2018).

Three of Greece representatives in the European Student Parliament on Science were the students of our school 1. Drakoulakou Georgia, 2. Avgerinou Aikaterini, 3. Protonotariou Eleni that were selected in March 2018 with the appropriate procedure.

Here follow photographs of the students’ participation in the European Student Parliament on Science



and a text by the student Aikaterini Avgerinou on her experience from her participation in the European Student Parliament:

“When starting the B’ High School Class, I took advantage of the opportunity I was offered by my school to participate in after-school clubs among which I also chose the “European Paths in Sciences”. My choice was made on the basis of the club content and its interesting activities. The best part of these activities was the participation in the Greek Student Parliament on Science, which was held in Ellinogermaniki Agogi in April 2018. That participation was for us the ticket for our presence in the European Student Parliament on Science, in Toulouse, France in July 2018, on the subject of “The future of mobility”. This activity was a unique experience. We had the chance to learn the decision-making procedures of the European Parliament and afterwards to suggest and vote for our own ideas according to these procedures. At the same time, we attended speeches by specialised scientists on the subject under discussion, we met young people from all over Europe and got to know the hospitality of a French university. Our stay in Toulouse was beyond any expectation on all levels. This journey, as a capstone of this after-school club for this school year, wouldn’t have been realised without the encouragement and the scientific support of the teacher in charge of the club Ms. Panagiota Argyri, whom I deeply thank.”

Success in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition for the A’ High School Class

Congratulations to our student Drakoulakou Georgia for the 11th place in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition (1,770 participants)! Georgia was within the top 1% of the score (score 80-90%).

Congratulations also to ten more of our students who were within the 16% of the score. Those are Stamatiadi Sofia, Zotou Elisavet-Spyridoula, Soulimiotis Dimitris, Fragkaki Theodora, Mavroukaki-Karagkouni Konstantina, Karanika Antigoni-Maria, Papadimitriou Artemis-Melina, Tsakonas Panagiotis-Marios, Zacharopoulos Stavros, Christakis Emmanouil.

Our students’ preparation was realized by the school teacher Dr. C. Aggelidou (Chemistry teacher).

The Headmaster