Students’ success in the Panhellenic Informatics Competition 2018 (B’ and C’ Stages)

Students succeeding in B’ Stage:


Students succeeding in the C’ Stage:

Evangelos Pipis and Charilaos Pipis were first among the succeeding students of the competition C’ Stage and will attend the preparation camp for the forming of the National Informatics Teams.

Congratulations to all!

Student’s distinction in literature competition

The student of the A’ High School class Romanos Petridis won the C’ prize in the 6th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis” for his short story “The boy with the bullet” on the High School level.

Congratulations to him and to his teachers Karimali Evangelia, Michalakopoulou Georgia and Thodis Georgios.

The School Headmaster and the Teachers

Distinction of our students in the Greek Student Parliament for Science 2018

The Greek Association of Journalists, Authors and Communication Specialists of Science “Science View” organised this year for the third time the “Greek Student Parliament for Science 2018” in collaboration with the Institute of Geodynamics and the private school “Ellinogermaniki Agogi”.

This year’s subject was “Earthquakes: Exploring the contemporary achievements, the future challenges and the expectations in relation to education, facing and prevention”.

The students Avgerinou, A., Gourgouletis, N., Zotou, E., Drakoulakou, G., Theodoratou, E., Karaoglanis, C., Protonotariou, E., Fragkaki, T., Stamatiadi, S. of the “European Knowledge Paths in Sciences”  club in charge of the teacher Ms. Argyri Panagiota participated in the event.

Around 80 students from 10 different schools participated in total. The club students (like all the rest of the participants) were divided in 3 subgroups and prepared 3 subunits: “Education”, “Facing”, “Prevention”.

The plenary of the participants chose (with secret vote) 6 students – 2 per subunit – to represent Greece in the European Student Parliament for Science.

The European Student Parliament for Science is organised with the initiative of the German Science Community “Science in Dialogue” (“Wissenschaft im Dialog”) and this year’s subject is “The future of mobility” and it will take place in collaboration with the Euroscience Open Forum – ESOF, in Toulouse, France, in July 2018 (9-14/7/2018).

3 out of the 6 representatives of Greece in the European Student Parliament for Science will be the students of our school:

1) Drakoulakou G. (Prevention)

2) Avgerinou A. (Facing)

3) Protonotariou E. (Education).

Congratulations to the students and their teacher who participated in the event!

Distinction of a student in the National Mathematics Olympiad

Our student Papatheodorou Aikaterina of the A Class was awarded the C Category prize in the 3rd stage of the Panhellenic Mathematics Competition “Archimedes”. Our student is in the group of the 30 students, among who will be chosen those who will participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad.

Congratulations to our student and her teachers!

The School Headmaster and the Teachers

Big success of our students in the Panhellenic Mathematics Competition

Our students of the A and B Class have passed in the 3rd stage of the Panhellenic Mathematics Competition, after their success in the Panhellenic Competitions “Euclid” and “Thales”. The 3rd stage, “Archimedes”, is the Panhellenic Mathematics Olympiad 2018.

Our successful students are:

From A Class:
Gelegenis Ioannis
Karaoglanis Christos
Papatheodorou Aikaterina
Pipis Evangelos
Soulimiotis Dimitrios
(2o school in the Panhellenic ranking)

From B Class:
Emmanouil Panteleimon
Panigyraki Chrysoula
(5th school in the Panhellenic ranking)

Congratulations to all the participants and to their teachers because the happiness of participation and the solving of at least one problem is what counts after all in a competition of 80 years with more than 12,000 students taking part!

Prize awarding to a teacher of our school: Distinction and prize awarding

The mathematician of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna Ms. Panagiota Argyri was awarded the title of ‘Teacher of the Year 2017’ by the Triseum Company Managing Director and Professor at the TEXAS A&M University, Mr. Andre Thomas.

Triseum collaborates with TEXAS A&M University and specializes in Game Based Learning; its games are used in 50 Universities in the USA. Its partner in Europe is the European Schoolnet, which is a network of 34 European Ministries of Education. In Greece, it collaborated with the NKUA, the Ionian University, the AUT and Patras University.

The teacher was awarded a distinction title on an international level for her innovative teaching practices and the application of educational games in mathematics.

The title awarding took place during a training workshop of the European Schoolnet on 17 February 2018.

Students’ success at the A’ Stage of the Panhellenic Informatics Competition

Congratulations to our students who successfully passed the A’ Stage of the 30th Panhellenic Informatics Competition:

Ilias Georgakopoulos (Α1)

Christos Karaoglanis (A2)

Sotirios-Aias Karioris (Β2)

Christos-Aggelos Konidas (Β2)

Nikolaos Koukoudakis (Α2)

Christos Margaritis (Α2)

Ioanna Oikonomou (Β3)

Chrysoula Panigyraki (Β3)

Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Β3)

Evangelos Pipis (Α3)

Kristian Safta (Α3)

Charilaos Pipis (Γ3)

Petros Raftopoulos (Β4)

Georgios Tsakonas (Β4)

Good luck in the next stage of the competition!