Creative Research Projects 2019-2020 of the A1, Α3 classes

During the school year 2019-20, in the framework of the Creative Research Projects, the A1 and A3 class students participated, under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Argyri  Panagiota (mathematician), in the educational project entitled “Virtual Enterprise” and the following competition “Best Student Virtual Enterprise”  of the Youth Entrepreneurship Association “Junior Achievement Greece”, which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs ( Φ.1/ΔΝ/159020/Δ7).

The products and services of the virtual enterprises were:

Α3 class:

“No Recycling Decoration” (Products of domestic use of non-recyclable materials)


With respect to the environment, the enterprise was procured with non-recyclable materials (fabrics, plastic bags, wood, carton, wet paper) that could not be recycled and also with materials destined for waste and turned them into aesthetically beautiful products for domestic use and decoration.

With the slogan “Don’t throw it away, bring it to us”, there had been a network of collection of non-recyclable materials with a financial regard for an incentive.  With creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, we sent the consumers the message that there are solutions in order to protect our environment from waste and to turn the non-used materials into aesthetically beautiful objects for domestic use.  

2021-02-22 10_52_58-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration    2021-02-22 10_53_10-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration

2021-02-22 10_53_32-Προϊόντα – No Recycling Decoration

A1 class:

Easy Solar Cooking (ESC) (Solar oven)

With the objectives of

  • the adoption of a new culture of eco-friendly behaviour and the cultivation of environmental awareness to people of all ages for the use of renewable energy sources.
  • the promotion of the importance of use of renewable energy sources and the highlighting of the practical applications they find in people’s everyday life.

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Preparation of the enterprise project: Collaboration of students – teachers and support by the volunteer Consultant Mrs. Tsiastoudi Eirini.


Learning outcomes: Entrepreneurship knowledge


  • Environmental and ecological awareness
  • Responsible consumption attitude

Skills: Responsibility, Collaboration, Teamwork, Creativity, Problem-solving, Innovation, Decision-making