Participation of our High School students in the European contest ‘Juvenes Translatores 2020’

Today, on Thursday 26/11/2020, five (05) C’ Class students of our High School are representing our school in the European Contest of Young Translators ‘Juvenes Translatores 2020’, which is organised by the Translation Department of the European Commission. The participants are (in alphabetical order):

Angelopoulos Dionysios (C1)

Veli Danae (C1)

Dafermou Maria (C1)

Delliou Alexandra (C1)

Tsomokos Dimitrios (C3)

This year the participation in the context is realised from the participants’ houses due to the pandemic, and the participants are supervised by the school English teacher, Dr. Eirini Arnaouti, via Webex. Dr. Arnaouti has been in charge of the students’ preparation for the contest and of the contest realisation in our school.

We wish good luck to our student-participants!