Mathematical modelling on the paradox of the stairs’ downfall

In the framework of the SMART-MT  project funded by the Erasmus+ project of the European Union, you can watch this video on the “Mathematical modelling on the paradox of the stairs’ downfall” created by the mathematician and our school Vice Headmaster Mr. Sotirios Chasapis and it is based on a co-teaching session with our school Headmaster Dr. Christos Fanidis. Co-teaching on this specific problem was realised with a C’ Class group. The promotion of collaboration between teachers in real classes’ teaching, aiming at the multi-lateral processing of a problem, and the development of collaborative bonds that will constitute example for the pupils, too, are within the priorities of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna.

The SMART-MT project contributes to the achievement of “Europe 2020” strategy objectives: reduction of the number of people with low performance in the sectors of reading, science and mathematics up to 15% and implementation of the “Smart development: development of an economy based on knowledge and innovation” priority. Furthermore, one of its aims is to develop the Digital Educational Culture of the Teacher-Mathematicians so as to boost the pupils’ participation and success.