Publication of students’ research papers in a scientific journal

In the special issue 2 (2020)…/openschoolsjou…/index of the European scientific journal OSJ – Open Schools Journal for Open Science our school students’ research papers were published. The corresponding research works were realised under the supervision of the mathematician Ms. Argyri Panagiota.

The students’ works were realised within the framework of the European Educational Project Open Schools for Open Societies. The students studied, registered, analysed data on the issues of the modern global community, while they also researched their impact on their local school community. In collaboration with experts and scientists, they suggested solutions and action plans for the achievement of sustainable development in the local and global community.

A project realised by B’ Class students during the school year 2018-19 was also included as it was a study on pandemics, which is especially up-to-date now, due to the difficulties the global community is facing because of  Covid-19.

Last but not least, in this issue are also registered the students’ experiences from their participation in the European Student Science Parliament (July 2018), where youngsters from all over Europe participated, discussed and made decisions on one of the future challenges, the automatic vehicles.