2nd Panhellenic place of our students in the 3rd Panhellenic Statistics Competition 2020!

Congratulations to all our school teams that participated (ALGEBROS, EVANGL_20, MILLESTAT, STATONE, A314ΘΑΝΟΙ, ΑΛΓΕΥΡΗΚΑ, ΜΟΤΕΛΕΙΟΙ, with a total of 18 students), with interest in knowledge, in the 3rd Panhellenic Statistics Competition. The three teams that passed in the competition finals (ALGEBROS, EVANGL_20, MILLESTAT) did excellent work, with presentations of professional standards. Congratulations! The winners were selected on the basis of details and our MILLESTAT team, where our A’ Class student Miltiadis Tsolas participated, was distinguished taking the 2nd Panhellenic place in the High School category. This year participation was increased by about 20% with 136 schools and 436 teams. Congratulations and good luck for the 3rd European Competition, where the first two teams will represent Greece, one of whom is from our school!

It is worth mentioning that ELSTAT-Hellenic Statistics Authority promotes education in statistics through various best-organised activities. You can access nice games and educational material on statistical concepts created by ELSTAT here: https://www.statistics.gr/el/edu-games

The works of the first five teams can be accessed here: https://www.statistics.gr/…/statistics-competition-presenta….

You can read information regarding the 3rd European Statistics Competition here: https://www.statistics.gr/…/c40d552a-f7af-7ae1-4722-f6ba370…

Congratulations to the mathematicians of our school as well and especially to Mr. Chasapis, who dealt with our school participation in the competition.

The Headmaster