Citizens in the sustainable society of the future

With our school participation in the Open Schools for Open Societies European project, supervised by the mathematician Ms. Argyri Panagiota, the A3 class students actively participated in the realization of the project entitled “Generation Z Global Citizen fighting for the future (Citi. Gen Z+).

Air pollution, water shortage and water pollution, poverty, animal abuse, plastic abuse, obesity are main issues connected with a lot of actions and demand a change in a multitude of people’s daily habits for the achievement of the 17 goals of sustainable development.

Students search real data and scientific elements concerning the global issues, which they process in order to form questions that will sensitise their school community, through their resolution. They register the impact of these issues and take up a researcher’s role as they collect data through questionnaires and interviews concerning the school community’s attitude and behaviour towards these issues. They prepare voluntary actions and suggest solutions aiming at the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

The cultivation of the students’ personal and social responsibility along with the understanding of the demands of the environment, the society and the economy are realized through collaborative and communicatve activities, the solution of problems, creativity, innovation and digital education that constitute key skills for the students as 21st century citizens.

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The project was published on the map of innovative actions and activities in the framework of STEM Discovery Week 2020 ,which is organized by the Scientix network ( ) of the European Schoolnet ( ):