First place of our school in the local EUSO competition

The Teacher’s Association and the Headmaster congratulate the students Maria Louvoulina, Maria Papageorgiou, Erifyli Prousalidi and Dimitris Emmanouil that in the local EUSO (European Science Olympiad) took the first place.

Our school students were prepared by our school teachers Gerasimos Theodoridis (Biology), Maria Diakonou and Argiro Gerbesioti (Physics), Christodoulos Makedonas (Chemistry), whom, as a Headmaster, I thank for the hours they dedicated and the knowledge they transferred to our students.

More precisely, on Saturday 3/12/2019 the preliminary stage of the local EUSO competition was held in Nea Smyrni Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences. The EUSO competition, organised by the Panhellenic Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences, is unique as it combines the following characteristics:

  • It is laboratory-based. Students are tested in the conduct of experiments and the analysis of experimental data in order to draw conclusions.
  • It is interdisciplinary. It is a 3-hour competition, during which students are tested in their laboratorial skills in physics, chemistry and biology.
  • It is collaborative. In contrast to other written competitions, every school participates with a 3-member student team. Students ought to collaborate in order to achieve their goal.

In the local competition participated 4 schools and our High School won the first place among them.

We wish all the best to our High School students and the best possible representation of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna in the Panhellenic Competition!

The Headmaster