Scientific Publication of students in Open School Journal for Open Science

Congratulations to the students Zorzos Achilleas, Alexiadis Antonis, Zacharopoulos Stavros and Daferera Maria, Theodoratou Evangelia and Abasharoun Mariam for their publications in the European scholarly journal Open School Journal for Open Science.

In the framework of the Open School for Open Societies (, the articles of the students of the B1 class are the results of their work from their active participation in the implementation of the project entitled “Sustainable development guide for the protection of the environment” during the school year 2018-19 under the supervision of their teacher Ms. Argyri Panagiota, who also took over their guidance and support in writing.

This magazine is an initiative of the National Documentation Center and Ellinogermaniki Agogi, within the framework of the major European project Openaire Advance, which proposes open access to scientific data and publications. It accepts original articles from pupils aged 10-18 from across Europe, which are evaluated by scientific researchers and educators. The articles cover all aspects of Science, Engineering and Technology and publication is free of charge.

Publications Vol 1, No 3 (2019)

1) Air Pollution: Sources and Global Statistics

Achilleas Zorzos, Antonis Alexiadis, Stavros Zacharopoulos

2) The Ecological Footprint Nowadays

Maria Daferera, Mariam Abasharoun, Evangelia Theodoratou

Students take an active role in studying the issues and problems of the modern world and, through the principles of responsible research and innovation, offer solutions. In particular, given the serious impact of air pollution on our society, statistical analysis of the data provides evidence of the causes of the increasing rate of air pollution, in the light of a historical analysis through events. Understanding the reasons for increasing the proportion of air pollutants, there is a greater chance for environmental policy-makers to tackle the problem. In addition, the ecological footprint is a way of measuring the impact of human activities on Earth. With a statistical processing of international data to capture the effects of the ecological footprint, they focus on our country to shape prospects that will boost the life cycle of our planet.