Our students’ article in “Chemistry Chronicles”

Congratulations to our students Konstantina Mavroukaki-Karagkouni, Elissavet Papadopoulou and Myrto Papadopoulou on the publication of their article entitled “Creation of a simple spectrophotometer of atomic emission in the school laboratory” in the current issue of the “Chemistry Chronicles” journal.

“Chemistry Chronicles” is the official journal of the Greek Chemists’ Association and includes both scientific articles and news from the chemistry field. The journal issues published after 2016 are posted on the website: https://www.eex.gr/…/ximika-xroni…/arxeio-teuxon-apo-to-2016

On page 18 of the same issue there is reference to the 3 bronze medals won by the Greek team in the 50th Chemistry Olympiad. Among the 3 distinguished students was Athanasios Fokaidis-Psyllas, student of our school.

Congratulations to the students and their teacher, Dr. Christodoulos Makedonas!