Students’ Scientific Publication in the Open Schools Journal for Open Science

Congratulations to the students Zotou Elissavet-Spyridoula and Drakoulakou Georgia on their publications in the European Scientific Student Journal “Open Schools Journal for Open Science”.

The students’ articles present their work from their participation in the after-school club entitled “European Paths in the Knowledge of Sciences” of the school year 2017-2018, realised by the teacher Ms. Argyri Panagiota, who was responsible for the students’ guidance and support during article-writing.
This journal publication is an initiative of the National Documentation Centre and Ellinogermaniki Agogi in the framework of the European project OpenAIRE-Advance, which suggests open access to scientific data and publications. It publishes original articles of students 10-18 years old, from all over Europe, which are reviewed by science researchers and teachers. The articles cover all aspects of Science, Engineering and Technology and publication is free of charge.

The students’ publications in the journal issue:

School’s contribution to prevention of earthquakes by Georgia Drakoulakou
and Innovative education: Virtual labs by Elissavet-Spyridoula Zotou.