Peer Coaching and Mentoring

The maths teachers of the Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna Mr. Sotirios Chasapis and Mr. Alkiviadis Tzelepis attended the in-service training seminar entitled “Peer Coaching and Mentoring” in Marbella, Spain, from 6 until 10 November 2017. The training was realized by “ΕuroKey Community”. For the application and dissemination of the acquired knowledge the following events were organized:

  1.  Both participants included the theoretical part of their training in their presentation that took place during the one-day event entitled “The Problem in Mathematics”, held in Eugenides Foundation on 8 December 2017. More information about the event can be found on the link The presentation, which was realized in Greek, is the following: Παρουσίαση Ευγενιδείου 2017
  2. Mr. Alkiviadis Tzelepis, by applying the teaching principles of the training seminar, designed a lesson for the Maths of the B’ High School Class and conducted it in the B’ class of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna on 8 February 2018. The lesson was attended by maths teachers of our school and other schools of the area. The lesson plan and material, written in the Greek language, are the following: 2. Φ.Ε. Η Αρχή του Ήρωνος και η ανάκλαση του φωτός (διδασκαλία Erasmus+)