Big success of our students in the Panhellenic Mathematics Competition

Our students of the A and B Class have passed in the 3rd stage of the Panhellenic Mathematics Competition, after their success in the Panhellenic Competitions “Euclid” and “Thales”. The 3rd stage, “Archimedes”, is the Panhellenic Mathematics Olympiad 2018.

Our successful students are:

From A Class:
Gelegenis Ioannis
Karaoglanis Christos
Papatheodorou Aikaterina
Pipis Evangelos
Soulimiotis Dimitrios
(2o school in the Panhellenic ranking)

From B Class:
Emmanouil Panteleimon
Panigyraki Chrysoula
(5th school in the Panhellenic ranking)

Congratulations to all the participants and to their teachers because the happiness of participation and the solving of at least one problem is what counts after all in a competition of 80 years with more than 12,000 students taking part!