School Profile

Evangeliki School has a long history. It was founded in 1717 (or according to others on 1733) in Smyrna and for two hundred years it was the most important educational institution of the town revit 학생용. In 1922, after the war in Asia Minor, it stopped functioning and was re-founded in Nea Smyrni (New Smyrna) in 1934.

In 1971 it became a Model School, and like all other Model Schools, it was renamed first into an Experimental and then into a Model-Experimental School 다운로드. Students were selected by lottery and the school teachers were highly qualified. Since 2015 it has been decided that it functions as a Model school and students are enrolled on the basis of their performance in the entry exams carried out for the selection of the students for the A’ Junior High School class 다운로드. (You can watch here the school history in a digital short documentary awarded a Distinction by the Educational Radiotelevision of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.)

Our aim in the High School is not only to offer knowledge to our students and to prepare them for the University entry exams, but mainly to properly form their characters through a close collaboration based on mutual respect and respect for the school rules 기본 이력서 무료.

With the belief that the school should offer students the chance to develop their skills, cultivate their talents and their research mentality, we try – as much as the current school facilities allow us – to realize projects and run afterschool clubs (open to other school students, too), where students can satisfy their desire for something more than a mere lesson 다운로드.

Of course, there are things that lack and a lot has to be done. But the quality of our students, the consciousness of the school teachers, the help of the Parents and Custodians’ Association, of the D’ Directorate of Secondary Education of Athens and of Nea Smyrni Municipality give us optimism for the school future 나를 차버린 스파이.

The Headmaster and Teachers’ Association of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna