Short History

The School initially had a religious orientation that lasted until 1810, when the well-known Theofilos Kairis from Andros island was invited to teach philosophy and mathematics 다운로드. The religious orientation of the school was totally abandoned in 1828, during the direction of Avramios Omirolis. During his time, the Evangeliki School reached a perfection that is rare for an educational institute 태극기 ai 다운로드. The School was destroyed by a fire in 1842 and opened again in1843. Prominent directors worked for its intellectual elevation and the boosting of its prestige 유튜브 밴스드 동영상 다운로드. It is worth mentioning that during the direction of Konstantinos Xanthopoulos (he took up in 1861), the School graduates registered in the University of Athens without entry examinations 다음사전 다운로드. During the direction of G. Sotiriou, teaching improved, the ancient Greek authors were more thoroughly taught, the school programme was completed, engineering teaching was introduced, and the school was equipped with the necessary aids for the teaching of the new scientific achievements 삼국지 파워업키트 다운로드. Moreover, the Commercial School was founded, as a department of the Evangeliki School, and the 3-grade School for the studies of primary school teachers 카카오 그룹 pc 버전 다운로드.