Distinction of Educational Practice in a Panhellenic Competition

The Quality Label of “Good Educational Practice” for the “Comprehensive High School” category received the Open Educational Practice entitled “The Iconoclasm” («Η Εικονομαχία»), realized in Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna by the Greek Language teacher Mr. Georgios Thodis.

The aforementioned Practice was distinguished in the 2nd Panhellenic Competition of Open Educational Practices for the Exploitation of Digital Educational Content that was realized in the framework of the Action “i-participate” of the project “Digital School: Expansion and Utilization of the Digital Educational Platform, the Interactive Books and the Repository of Learning Subjects” by CTI “Diofantus”.

Our voice a shield against hate talk. “Make it get heard 2019”competition

The European School Radio is carrying out a radio message and song competition on the questions “What is the hate rhetoric? How easy is it nowadays to adopt an aggressive rhetoric that poisons the children’s souls?”

Inspired by the aforementioned questions our school student Papadopoulou Eirini wrote the lyrics of the song “Don’t talk to me” («Μη μου μιλάς»), which was accompanied by the music composed by Balatos Dimitrios and it was performed by Polymos Christos, Balatos Dimitrios and Papadopoulou Eirini. The teacher in charge of this activity is Mrs. Lekka Maria, Social Science teacher.

With this song our school participates in the radio message and song competition entitled “Make it get heard 2019”. The song title is “Our voice a shield against hate talk”.

You can listen to it on
http://europeanschoolradio.eu/lk/Song-likes.php… (number 98) and vote for it to give it the chance to win the audience prize

Congratulations to the students and their teacher.

The Headmaster

Interpretive Reading Competition

Pelagia Stamataki, A’ Class student, was awarded the 2nd prize in the Literary Texts Interpretive Reading Competition, organised by the College of Athens and the College of Psychiko. This year the competition was dedicated to the poetry of Georgios Seferis. The student read the poem “Memory A’” (Μνήμη Α’ ) from the collection “Deck Diary B’” (Ημερολόγιο Καταστρώματος Β’).

Our school had the biggest number of students who passed in the final stage of the competition, as it was the only school of which three out of five students passed in the finals. Apart from the student who was awarded a prize, the other students participating in the final stage were Romanos Petridis and Andreas Tsouvalas. Both students were well commented for their participation. The teacher in charge of the school team was the Greek Language teacher Ms. Kalypso Lazou-Mpalta.

Our student’s Distinction for Music Composition and for Film Soundtrack

Our student Dimitrios Balatos was awarded a prize within the framework of the Panhellenic and Pancypriotic Student Music Competition organised by the Association of Greek Writers (http://ellineslogotexnes.gr/) for the school year 2018-2019, on Friday 1 March 2019 in the Christian Youth Fraternity Palace.

Our student was awarded the B’ Distinction for Music Composition and the B’ Distinction for Film Soundtrack for his work “To deny me a thousand times” («Να μ’ αρνηθείς χίλιες φορές») on the poetry of the student Romanos Petridis, which was performed by the students Vasileia Spaidioti and Maria-Spyridoula Stefanaki.


Important distinction of our students in the National Mathematics Olympiad

Congratulations to our students Pipis Evangelos of B’ Senior Class, Emmanouil Dimitrios of A’ Senior Class and Kasimatis Dimitrios of C’ Junior Class who were among the 60 best students of the whole Greece in the 36th National Mathematics Olympiad.

More precisely, Pipis Evangelos won the 3rd award, Emmanouil Dimitrios the 2nd award and Kasimatis Dimitrios the 3rd award. These students will further compete for the formation of our National Team that will represent Greece in the International Mathematics Olympiad.
Our students’ success places our school in the 3rd place in the whole country.

Congratulations to the students and also to their teachers that guide them towards this great success.

The Headmaster

Distinction of our students in the Panhellenic Informatics Competition

Congratulations to our students who succeeded in passing in the B’ stage of the Panhellenic Student Informatics Competition!

From A’ Class: Dimitrios Agogiatis, Dimitrios Balatos, Dionysios Aggelopoulos and Richard Bariampa.

From B’ Class: Evangelos Pipis, Nicholaos Koukoudakis and Kristian Safta.

From C’ Class: Panagiotis Papadopoulos and Georgios Tsakonas.

The Headmaster

Common European Activity with 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens

On Thursday 21-02-2019, a group of students from the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens who participate in the ERASMUS+-KA2 project entitled “Refugees Welcome-When Numbers become Faces” (code number 2017-1-DE03-KA219-035539_3), accompanied by their teachers Ms. Eleni Georgiou and Mr. Dimitrios Mavreas, realised a common activity with the students of A1 class of our school and Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti, within the framework of the subject of English. The activity aimed at disseminating the knowledge acquired during this ERASMUS+ project and is relevant to the National Curriculum for the English Language, as it was connected with the school book unit “Refugees’ Dreamland”.

Our school students were distinguished and will compete in the National Mathematics Olympiad

Congratulations to all the students who made their effort and enjoyed the experience of participating in the competition of the Hellenic Mathematics Society ‘Euclid 2019’.

Congratulations to the students that passed in the next stage and will compete in the National Mathematics Olympiad ‘Archimedes’ on 23 February 2019 and are the following:

C’ Senior Class: Avramidis Dimitrios-Nicholaos, Konidas Christos-Angelos

B’ Senior Class: Papatheodorou Aikaterina, Pipis Evangelos

A’ Senior Class: Emmanouil Dimitrios, Plevraki Styliani, Pyrpiri Paraskevi

C’ Junior Class: Gerasis Anastasios, Kasimatis Dimitrios, Oikonomopoulou Athanasia

B’ Junior Class: Angelidou Nefeli-Stavrina,
Koukoudaki Ariadni

All the best in your effort, children!

The Headmaster

Our student Athanasios Fokaidis-Psyllas received by the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, received in the Presidential Palace the participants of the Student Olympic Teams.

Among them was our student Athanasios Fokaidis-Psyllas, last year’s Olympiad winner that will also represent Greece in the Chemistry Olympiad this year.

In the photograph, the President of the Republic is accompanied by the Chemistry Olympic team (Alexandros Terzopoulos, Emmanouil Kokkinis, Athanasios Fokaidis-Psyllas and Konstantinos Dounis), Mr. Antonios Chronakis (mentor of the Greek team, Education Department of the Greek Chemists’ Association), Mr. Nicholaos Psaroudakis (mentor of the Greek team, Chemistry Department, NKUA) and Mr. Athanasios Papadopoulos (Nutrition and Dietetics Department, S.T.E.I.T, President of the Greek Chemists’ Association).

In the following photograph, our members of the Olympic team with their parents.

The message of the President of the Republic regarding Excellence is also very important. The President mentioned that ‘Excellence, not only does not transgress the principle of Equality, but also highlights and serves it.’ Addressing the young excellent participants in the National Student Olympic Teams, he underlined that through their selection, they have proven their own value and stressed that this value is that we owe both to recognise and honour. ‘Because this is exactly the meaning of Excellence. Of Excellence, which all people, but especially we the Greeks, must serve. We must not forget that the concept of Excellence was highlighed, for the first time, in this Place, by Homer. The ancient Greek dictum ‘αιέν αριστεύειν και υπείροχον έμμεναι άλλων’ is what rules the Greek Spirit and the Greek Thought. I also wish to stress that Excellence not only does not transgress the principle of Equality, but also highlights and serves it. Because the principle of Equality, according to the Constitution, is relative Equality’, he added.

As the President explained, relative Equality, according to Aristotle, equality according to the Constitution, means equal treatment of essentially similar situations but also unequal treatment of essentially dissimilar situations, also noting that Equality is also transgressed when we treat in a dissimilar way the equal, and when we treat in a similar way the unequal. ‘When we even a human personality. Because this means equal treatment of the unequal. In this case we just confirm mediocrity’.  Nevertheless, he noted that for Equality and Excellence to have this meaning, the Society and the State owe, especially to students that start their career, to ensure really Equal Opportunities for them. ‘Equality in the beginning, so that you start from exactly the same base. Only in this way can each one reveal their personality without facing any discrimination’.

Congratulations to the children and their teachers for these important distinctions!

The Headmaster