Interdisciplinary activity in Biology and Physical Education

On 20/12/2021 an interdisciplinary activity in the subjects of Biology and Physical Education was realised. The activity was entitled “Cardio Day”.

The teaching objectives of the activity were the understanding of the measuring of the heart rate, the importance and variation of the heart rate before and after different forms of sport activity. Additionally, another teaching objective of the activity was student-to-student teaching about the concept of heart rate and heart beat from students of A’ Class of the High School to students of the Secondary School, who also attended the Physical Education subject in the school yard.

All the measures against covid-19 were taken during the students’ exercise and the contact between students of different schools.

In the end, the students of the A’ Class of the High School, having a worksheet adapted to each physical activity, had to write down their heart rate before and after (in certain time span) running, playing volleyball, playing basketball and playing football.

Collaborating teachers:

Sarlas Georgios, P.E. teacher

Athanasopoulou Efthymia, P.E. teacher

Taliouri Eirini, Biology teacher, Ph.D.






Award-winning of our student Vasileios Diamantopoulos for his participation in the Panhellenic Student Competition entitled “Achievements of Poetry Giannis & Lena Strefi Koutsochera”

The student Vasileios Diamantopoulos participated in the Panhellenic Student Competition “Achievements of Poetry Giannis & Lena Strefi Koutsochera”, which was organised by the Municipality of the Tortured Town of Kalavryta, dealing with the “Holocaust of Kalavryta in literature”. The student submitted his poetic work entitled “Kalavryta, 13 December 1943” and used the literary nickname “Ichnilates”. In his literary journey the student was accompanied by the Greek Language and Literature teacher Aikaterini Tsachtsarli.

The student was distinguished for the peculiarity and uniqueness of his poetic language as he expressed in a lyrical way and rhyming verse the disaster experienced by the inhabitants of Kalavryta due to the Nazi atrocity. The expression of the feelings of grief, deep despair but also of the suffocating atmosphere of an imposed cruel end constituted the main part of the student’s poetic thought. His expressive language revived the historic memory and functioned as a consoling homage for all those who lived the tragic moments of the Holocaust but were not forgotten. On the contrary, through the power of the young poetic expression, they united with the present and continue their ever-lasting way, teaching the current generation but also the future ones about the significance of preserving the humanitarian ideals.

The Municipality of Kalavryta organised an excellent award ceremony for the students who were distinguished in the event hall of the Multifunctional Cultural Centre of the town. The atmosphere of the ceremony was particularly charged with emotion as the spontaneous and honest poetic language of the students was powerfully expressed.

Pictures from the award ceremony




Meeting in the subject of Modern Greek Literature of B’ Class

The weird attractiveness of Giannis Skaribas

In the subject of Modern Greek Literature and more precisely, when teaching the short story of Giannis Skaribas “Three empty chairs” in B1 class, the Greek Language and Literature teacher Ms. Efthalia Papadaki invited, on 5 November 2021, the Professor of Modern Greek Literature from the Department of Greek Studies, University of Patras, Ms. Katerina Kostiou to have an online discussion with the students.

Ms. Kostiou has extensively dealt with the publication and analysis of the work of G. Skaribas. She mentioned that she, herself, discovered his special writing style in a period when it was underestimated in the history of Modern Greek Literature, due to its peculiarity, and she talked with the students about their experience of their contact with this specific text and the peculiar use of satire, irony, parody and humour in Skaribas’ work.


Virtual Tour of the EMBL

Today, 10/12/2021, the students of our Chemistry Club, along with some of our third grade students, had the opportunity to visit the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg, Germany) through a Virtual Tour organized by the ELLS! Our virtual visit began with a talk by researcher Nadine Tuechler entitled “Scar-in-a-jar to study fibrosis: Fibrotic diseases and chronic kidney disease”. Nadine then took us on a tour to her lab (Saez-Rodriguez Group) and answered questions about her career. The meeting closed with the EELS visits’ coordinator, Mrs. Shweta Gaikwad, who described the history and the modern role of the network of EMBL laboratory centers.

More information:

Award-winning for a team of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna in the 7th student competition of a short film creation about “The Holocaust and the Greek Jews”

On Friday 19 November 2021 the award ceremony was held in the office of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna’s headmaster. During the school year 2020-2021, three student-participants of our school were distinguished in the 7th student competition of video creation on the topic of “The Holocaust and the Greek Jews”, organised by the General Secretariat of Religious Affairs of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Jewish Museum of Greece.

The students Elissavet Kalogiannidou, Spyridon Kantartzis and Christos Koliothomas were distinguished and won an award for their participation with the artistic video entitled “They were at least free for some minutes. Marcel Nadjari”. It is also worth mentioning the friendly contribution of the student Emmanouil-Georgios Pansinis-Karachalios in the composition and execution of the video’s original soundtrack.

The English teacher of the school, Dr. Eirini Arnaouti, supervised and guided the preparation and the participation of the students in the competition.

Creation of educational material

Within the framework of the collaboration between schools and university, Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated in the activities of the Laboratory of Sports Pedagogy and Teaching of Physical Education of the School of Physical Education Science and Sports of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) on Friday 12-11-2021. More precisely, educational material was created with the video-recorded micro-teaching sessions of the subject of Physical Education, which will solely be used for the training of undergraduate students and of professional teachers of Physical Education.

The design of the micro-teaching sessions is realised according to principles of Pedagogy and Teaching of Physical Education and their implementation is supervised by the Assistant Professor Aspasia Dania, the specialised personnel of the Laboratory of Sports Pedagogy and Teaching of Physical Education and the teacher of Physical Education of our school, Mr. Georgios Sarlas.

The educational material will be solely used for training purposes and its content will not be published on the web or on the social networks.

Attendance of the lecture “Cells, computers and microscopy: How can AI pave the way to scientific discovery?” organised by EMBL

On Friday 12/11/2021 students and teachers of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna had the chance to attend the Insight Lecture for 2021 organised by EMBL ΕLLS.

The lecture title was “Cells, computers and microscopy: How can AI pave the way to scientific discovery?” and the speaker was Dr. Anna Kreshuk (Group Leader at EMBL Heidelberg).

Our school participation was organised by our school Chemistry teacher Dr. C. Angelidou.

We thank the organisers for hosting us and our students’ team for their active participation.

Award ceremony for the students of our school in the 9th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”


The award ceremony for our school students, who participated and were distinguished in the 9th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”, was realized.

The A3 student Panagiota Lyra won the 1st award for the poem “In another Syngrou Avenue” («Σε μια άλλη Λ. Συγγρού») and for the short story “Petrina” («Πετρίνα») in the 9th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”, which has been organized since the school year 2012-2013 by the Scientific and Cultural Association “Educational Circle” and is realized with the approval of the Institute of Educational Policy.

The award-winning of the student Panagiota Lyra has a special meaning because, for the first time, the same person wins the 1st place in both categories, i.e. in the Adolescent Short Story and in the Adolescent Poetry.

Furthermore, the B3 student Eleni Bethani won a distinction in the same competition with the poem “The darkness of night” («Το μέλαν της νυκτός»).

The awards and the distinction were delivered by the school headmaster Mr. Christos Fanidis. An online award ceremony was also organized on the 28th June 2021. The ceremony was open to the public and was live streamed through the official website of the competition, where the ceremony programme was also uploaded.

Our school students’ participation is realised in the framework of a project carried out by the Greek Language and Literature teacher of our school Mr. Georgios Thodis.