Cinema Photography Director in our school Club

In the Club of Cinema Education was invited the Cinema Photography Director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras, who talked to our club students about the art of photography, the love someone should have in order to deal with the cinema world and the poetic dimensions that this occupation may have.

Mr. Kleidaras showed samples of his work in stills and videos, interpreting and analysing every frame in terms of technique and function. He shared with us his long experience and familiarized us with the methods and techniques used to create the cinematic product, emphasizing the development of a critical attitude towards the moving image. What impressed the students was his social and humanitarian approach of the subjects through the films and also the personality-philosophy that each cinematographer should have.

Visit in the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus

Students from all three classes of our school visited the University of Piraeus on Wednesday 30/11/2022, where they were informed by the President of the Department of Informatics Ms. Maria Virvou and the department professors Mr. Georgios Tsichritzis, Mr. Konstantinos Patsakis, Mr. Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Mr. Dionysios Sotiropoulos, Mr. Efthymios Alepis and Mr. Ioannis Tasoulas. The presentation focused on the undergraduate studies, the professional perspectives and the connection with the job market of the Department of Informatics’ graduates, as well as on contemporary research topics in the field of Informatics.

We warmly thank them for the reception and the informative presentation.




Educational Visit to the Hospital “ELPIS”

“Connecting Education with Workplaces”

On November 30, 2022, students of the club “Connecting Education with Workplaces” had the unique opportunity to visit the General Hospital of Athens (G.H.A) “ELPIS”. The program of the educational visit was well organized by Mrs. Oikonomopoulou G., Office of Quality Control, Research & Continuing Education and included:

Tour of the Hospital’s clinics led by Ms. Tsitsika M., Specialist ENT Department, G.H.A. “ELPIS” & Mrs. Mougaraki Ev., extension (specialist) in Internal Pathology, G.H.A. “ELPIS”

  • Cardiology Clinic – Tour leader: Mr. P. Apostolopoulos, Cardiology Specialist, G.H.A. “ELPIS”
  • Regular Ophthalmological Clinic – Tour leader: Mr. D. Fragos, Physician, Ophthalmology Department, G.H.A. “ELPIS”
  • ENT Clinic – Tour leader: Ms. M. Tsitsika, Specialist ENT Department, G.H.A. “ELPIS”
  • Radiodiagnostic Department/Ultrasonics-Axial – Tour manager: Mr. Eng. Theodosiou, Scientific Responsible Director of the Radiodiagnostic Department, G.H.A. “ELPIS”
  • Pathology Clinic – Guides: Mr. Ev. Mougaraki, extension (specialist) & D. Fertakis, Specialist, Department of Pathology, G.H.A. “ELPIS”

Discussion with Mrs. Theiakou F., Director G.H.A. “ELPIS” and Mr. Fasoulakis M., President of the Scientific Council, G.H.A. “ELPIS”

Demonstration of the use of protective equipment:

We thank Mr. Halvatsiotis P., Chairman of the Board of Directors. G.H.A. “ELPIS”, graduate of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, for the unique experience that the students who aim to follow Health Sciences as a professional career had in the clinics of the G.H.A “ELPIS”.

We also thank the President of the Alumni Association of Evangeliki School, Mr. Tsatsos A., for making the contacts for the organization of the visit.

The accompanying teachers of the visit were Ms. Argyri Panagiota (Mathematician, M.Sc, M.Ed), Head of the “Connection of Education & Work” Group, and Mrs. Vamvakopoulou Sevasti (Biologist, PhD).

3rd Newsletter of the Club “Connecting Education with Workplaces”

On Monday November 28, 2022 the President of CPRGGreece Mr. Efstratios Athanasiou, the First Vice President Mr. Petros Nasibian, the members of the Board Mr. Konstantinos Karamalis and Ms. Eirini Papachatzi, and the member Ms. Iliana – Dimitra Psomadaki from the Hellenic Research Society for the Prevention of Cancer, Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGGreece) made a presentation to the students of the “Connecting Education with Workplaces” Club in charge of the Mathematician Panagiota Argyri (M.Sc, M.Ed).

“Cancer prevention: interdisciplinary approaches and health promotion bridging the gap between science and society”.

  • The 6 pillars of disease prevention: starting with newborns!
  • Healthy eating and cancer: eating a rainbow!
  • Physical activity and cancer: walking with friends!
  • Smoking and cancer: and if you have started, you can stop!
  • Cancer and chronic psychosocial stress: peace and self-awareness!
  • Sleep quality – circadian system – human biological clocks
  • Abuse of blue screens (cell phones, computers, tablets) and cancer: an indirect relationship, through stress and circadian rhythm
  • Infections and cancer: prevention saves lives!
  • Environment, pollution and occupational carcinogens
  • Early diagnosis: the gorgon saves lives!

The perfect structure and content of the presentations motivated the students to participate with questions and engage in discussion and a constructive dialogue.

The presentation was not limited to knowledge about the field of cancer prevention, but extended from the history and purposes of the “Hellenic Research Society for the Prevention of Cancer” to the possibility of children participating in volunteering, with the final goal of offering to fellow human beings through social actions. Mr. Athanasiou highlighted the willingness of the students to take on an organizational role in voluntary initiatives.

Article publication about the video of our school participation in the competition “The Greek Jews and the Holocaust” 2020-2021

On 23 November 2022 was published in the academic journal of audiovisual literacy Open Journal of Animation, Film and Interactive Media in Education and Culture [AFIMinEC] (volume 3, issue 2) of the Hellenic National Documentation Centre the article of our school English teacher Dr. Eirini Arnaouti entitled “October 1944: The revolt in Auschwitz–February 2021: The mediated choreography in Nea Smyrni”. The article deals with the creation of an artistic video with the school students entitled “For at least some minutes they were free. Marcel Nadjari”. The video was awarded a prize in the 7th Student Competition of Short Film Creation (video) on the subject of “The Greek Jews and the Holocaust”, for the school year 2020-2021.

You can read the whole article in Greek or its abstract in English here.

“Smyrna, Ionian luminous light”: Award ceremony for the Competition of Memory and Creation for the 100 years from the Asia Minor’s Catastrophe

On Friday 21 October 2022 at 19:30 was realised in the Events Hall of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna the award ceremony of the students who participated in the Competition for the Memory and Creation for the 100 years from the Asia Minor’s Catastrophe entitled “Smyrna, Ionian luminous light”. During the ceremony were presented the works of the winners, and the student-contestants read extracts from their works and also commented on their artistic creations. The students’ rich work was characterised by creativity, imagination and a penetrative look into the past.

Pilot implementation of the New Curriculum in the subject of Physical Education

Τρέξε μαζί μου20221101_083245.jpg

Still of guide running


Still of boccia

Within the framework of the project “Upgrading of the National Curricula”, it is implemented for the second school year by the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP) the action “Pilot Implementation of the New National Curricula in the Primary and Secondary Education” in our school. The aim of the pilot implementation of the New National Curricula in the Model and Experimental Schools of the country is the collection of feedback regarding their implementation, as well as the dissemination of the Pilot Implementation activities to the teachers of the whole country.

In the subject of Physical Education was realised the first out of four teaching scenarios, of four teaching sessions each, by the Physical Education teachers Sarlas Georgios, Athanasopoulou Efthymia and Belte Smaragda. Its aim was students’ acquaintance with some Paralympic sports through the experiential approach, during which the students are asked to “step in the other’s shoes” by participating in adapted Paralympic sports. Through this process students not only develop/improve their movement skills under different conditions, but also they develop their empathy, respect/acceptance of diversity and become sensitized regarding the integration of people with special needs in the society. The Paralympic games selected for this teaching scenario in order to cover a wide range of disabilities are, (a) Guide running (track and field for people with sight impairments), (b) Boccia, (c) Wheelchair basketball, (d) Seated volleyball.


Still of seated volleyball


Still of wheelchair basketball

The teaching scenario entitled “Run with me, play with me” was realised in a satisfactory way with wide acceptance, enthusiasm and sensitization on behalf of the students, who also enjoyed it.

2nd Newsletter of Group Actions “Connecting Education & Workplaces”

Educational Visits for the experiential approach to professional fields of work

  • School of Architectural Engineering

Groups of students were informed about the philosophy, curriculum and professional prospects of the School by the Professor of the Department of Architectural Design, Dr. Gyftopoulos Stavros (Alumnus of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna). Also, with the support of the student and school alumna Ms. Drakoulakou Georgia, they visited the Architectural Design workshops and discussed future plans for architectural constructions.

  • Court of First Instance

We are very grateful to the President of First Instance Ms. Rebecca Liberatou-Photopoulou for hosting the students, who had the unique opportunity of experiential involvement with the profession of the judicial officer, to attend the oral procedure of a trial and to talk with the President of the Three-Member Council Managed by Mr. Christoforos Linos, President of First Instance.

  • Physiology Laboratory, School of Medicine, University of Athens

The students Athanassios Zevgaridis (B1), Dimitra Theofanous-Drakou (C1) and Athena Kantartzi (A2) visited the Physiology laboratory of the Medical School of the University of Athens for an experiential approach to research procedures.

The laboratory’s research focuses on the activation of the type I and II interferon system in organ-specific and systemic autoimmune diseases, as well as the molecular pathways leading to lymphomagenesis, subclinical atherosclerosis, and the psychopathology associated with Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The program includes:

  • Familiarity with basic laboratory equipment and consumables
  • Isolation of DNA (and RNA) from whole blood to test for mutations
  • Isolation of RNA from whole blood in order to control gene expression
  • Laboratory-applied thrombophilia screening

Warm thanks for the organization of the educational program and the support of the students to

  • Dr. Cleo P. Mavragani, Rheumatologist and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the NKUA

and to

  • Charalambos Skarlis
  • Sylvia Raftopoulou
  • Anastasia Chronopoulou
  • Panagiotis Lembesis

  • The school alumna Fotini-Evangelia Koritou shared her experiences from her participation in the international AFS program for which she has received a scholarship and presented the possibilities of studying in European countries.


  • At the same time, the implementation of activities on the eclass continue for the students to explore career fields and develop employability skills:

Learning line for the development of communication skills:

  • On Monday November 28, 2022 members from the Hellenic Cancer Prevention Research Group in Greece (CPRGGreece) (,

will visit Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna for the implementation of a series of activities aimed

  • To familiarize students with the concept of “Health, Science, Research, Medicine, Knowledge, Social Entrepreneurship”.
  • To acquaint students with the daily operation, administration and organization of activities of Non-Profit Organizations.
  • At the interface of students with NGO executives and young scientists, so that, through creative discussions, they can get to know aspects of their future and act in favor of them in a more targeted way.
  • To practical knowledge acquisition and functional use of information for cancer prevention.
  • To the development of students’ health literacy.
  • To enable students – for the first time nationwide for students under 18 years of age – to actively participate in their voluntary work.


Argyri Panagiota, Mathematician (M.Sc, M.Ed)

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

PhD Candidate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

1st Newsletter of the actions of the Club “Connecting School & Workplaces”

The start of the activities of the Club “Connecting Education & Workplaces “, on Monday October 10, 2022, was framed by the participation of the graduates of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, where were presented their experiences from the Departments of the University and Polytechnic Schools, where they are students or from where they have recently received their degree.

The presentations were complemented with very interesting proposals for the implementation of interdisciplinary/research works, but also with methodological approaches of literature review, corresponding to the interests of the students of the group, with the aim of them investigating the integration of services from workplace environments.

Many thanks for the voluntary participation to:

  • Ms. Antoniou Elena, Graduate of the School of Medicine of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

  • Ms. Zachariou Anna, Graduate of the School of Medicine of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

  • Mr. Maniatis Andreas, Student of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.
  • Ms. Drakoulakou Georgia, Student of the School of Architectural Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

To cover the career inclinations and preferences of the students, on October 24, 2022, there were additional presentations and research paper proposals. Special thanks to:

  • Karydis Evangelos: Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics
  • Gaki Aspasia: Psychology & Research
  • Tsolakou Sonia, Graduate of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna with studies and research in the fields of:

Medical Genetics

Immunopathology of the human body

Genetic toxicology

Genetics of cancer

Animal development

  • Sozos Stergios, Graduate of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna with studies in Administrative Science.
  • Theofanidou Aikaterini, , Graduate of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, Student of the Chemical Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens.
  • Melina Papadimitriou, Graduate of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, Student of the Biology Department of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.


We warmly thank the President of the Association of the Alumni of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, Pulmonologist and Director of the NHS, Mr. ​​Tsatsos Anastasios, for his participation in and support to the group’s actions.



Participation of the Mathematician Argyri Panagiota in the International Project “Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs in STEM Education”

The Mathematician of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna was chosen to participate, together with 20 other teachers from various European countries, in the international Project “Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs in STEM Education”, which started in February 2020.

On October 14, the produced teaching material for the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development goals into the curriculum of STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) was published.

Author of “Air Pollution – Smart Cities”: Panagiota Argyri

As part of the teaching material:


A series of virtual events are organised for the presentation of the results:

Previous webinars are available on our YouTube channel:

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