Participation in the 7th European Student Conference in Verona, Italy

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated with a group of 20 students in the 7th European Student Conference organized in Verona, Italy. Our school team travelled in Verona between 2 and 5 March 2023. The conference topic was “Common European Principles and Values and the Contribution of Greece and its Civilisation in their Formation”.

More precisely, the A class students Kouka Niki, Asprogerakas Christoforos, Theofilatou Elli, Leka Sofia-Despoina, Giannakopoulou Anna, Papadopoulos Vasileios, Fourtounidou Maria-Elisavet, Georgaras Sergios, Skartsilis Antonios, Pseimadas Christos, Orfanaki Emmanouela, Kantartzi Athina, Petsiniagka Athina, Triantafyllou Christina, Katsadoraki Despoina, Karystinaiou Maria, Karantzikis Ioannis , Dalamagkas Dimitrios, Moxon Efthymios, Georgaras Maximos, accompanied by the teachers Mr. Thodis Georgios and Mrs. Arnaouti Eirini, successfully presented their work entitled “The diachronic influence of the Greek art on modern European art”.

The conference poster:



Silver medal and 2nd place for Iasonas Vaskas in the Panhellenic School Shooting Competition


Great distinction of the B class student Vaskas Iasonas, who got the 2nd place in the Panhellenic High School Competition on Saturday 18 March 2023. The competition was held in the National Shooting Hall of Vyronas. Iasonas participated in the air gun category and won the silver medal. For the 2nd win in Panhellenic competitions of all categories is attributed a twenty percent (20%) addition to the credits for the entry to the Department of Science of Physical Education and Sports and eight percent (8%) for the entry to other University departments.


Congratulations to Iasonas who proved that he combines in an excellent way academic knowledge, ethos and the sport he loves. We wish him only success in every step he takes.

On Thursday 9 March 2023 the A class student Nikolaos Argyriou participated in the Panhellenic Swimming School Competition in 50 metres crawl. The competition was held in the indoor swimming pool of Nikaia.


Congratulations to Nikolaos for his participation!

Fourth and last mobility of the European project “Playing Europe” in Lier, Belgium (12-18/03/2023)

During the week 12-18/03/2022 was realized the fourth and last mobility of the European project of School Partnerships Erasmus+ KA229 entitled “Playing Europe” (2020-2023), where our school participates. The mobility was realized in Lier, Belgium, and participated six students and two accompanying teachers of our school, as well as similar teams from Spain and Italy.

The Greek team consisted of the C Class students: Besi Elpida, Nikolopoulou Theodora, Nikolopoulos Konstantinos-Marios, Vlassopoulos Stylianos, Louridas Panagiotis, Vlavianos Konstantinos

Accompanying teachers: Arnaouti Eirini (English teacher & contact person of the project), Angelidou Chrysi (Chemistry teacher)

The participating students were hosted by Belgian students. During their stay in Belgium, students actively participated in the project activities, collaborated with members of the Spanish, the Italian and Belgian teams, played traditional Belgian games and dealt with their educational use. Within the framework of their participation in educational and cultural visits, students had the chance to visit the Playing Cards Museum “Cartamundi” in Turnhout, and the European Parliament in Brussels, where they were informed about the structure and the hierarchy of the European institutions. They returned in Greece with their luggage full of new knowledge, rich experiences and deep feelings, having lived the essence of the ‘European citizen’ term.

The project works were covered by two Belgian newspapers. You can see the articles online:

Educational Visit in the Exhibition of geometric solids of the library of Sciences in the NKUA, 15/02/2023

We thank the Professor Ms. Leoni Dalla, the Director of the library Ms. Galazoudi and all the hospitable staff for the exceptional experience. Of course, we should also mention the enthusiasm and the interest with which our students participated in the activities that were organized. The teachers that accompanied our students were the mathematicians Mr. S. Chasapis and Mr. M. Bisbianos. The students dealt with the Platonic and Archimedean solids, they observed the quality of duality in the Platοnic solids, calculated sides, corners and vertices and made assumptions about the Euler characteristic, as a relation of corners, vertices and sides of the convex solids, created  formulations (nets) of solids on the plane, played with different formulations choosing the correct ones, learned about the Platonic solids in nature, the tetrahedron of methane, calculated the angle H-C-H, the dioxide of silicon and the quartz crystals, their natural qualities and their implementation in clock-making, and also the semiprecious stones like amethyst and their cutting. In the end, they were shown the modern applications of mathematics and their new achievements.

Snapshots of the visit and the students’ activities:

Picture 1: Professor Leoni Dalla of the Mathematics Department, NKUA, shares with us her experiences from her research in mathematics.

Picture 2: Students explain to their peers their observations during the activities.

Picture 3: Snapshot from our reception in the library by the director Ms. Galazoudi.

Picture 4: Gomboc of the School of Sciences

Picture 5: Our students’ smiles led to our following activities

Picture 6: Snapshot of our reception by the Professor Leoni Dalla

Picture 7: Geometric solids in nature

Picture 8: Fluorite in the form of a regular octahedron

Picture 9: Creating our own solids with paper

Picture 10: Professor Leoni Dalla explains to us some of the qualities of the Platonic and Archimedean solids.

Picture 11: Description of the wooden constructions of Mr. Petas.

The presentation used during the visit is also available on the link:

Panhellenic school championship in Greece and Cyprus

Congratulations to all the school teams that represented our school.

The students that participated in our school teams showed their best self. They proved that they can combine sports with excellent academic performance, participate and play against their friends, co-players in sports clubs and even their siblings that attend other schools, in the framework of “fair play”. In a healthy environment like that of the school championship, they showed consistency, ethos, athletic spirit, respect for their rivals and the referees, will to participate and win, they collaborated with their fellow students from all the school classes and everybody applauded the course of each team. They will have the best of memories from the representation of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna through sports, too.

The students’ participation in track and field, swimming, tennis, gymnastics and shooting are to follow. The big number of participations proves that in the difficult period of the high school, due to the students’ multiple duties, with the correct programming, students can and must do sports and benefit from them.

The volleyball team played in many games and deserves warm congratulations.


In the volleyball team played: Diamanti Marilia, Karasavvidi Faidra, Katsadoraki Despoina, Kouka Niki, Leka Sofia Despoina, Moutzouraki Natalia, Nikaki Antigoni, Panagopoulou Foteini, Papakammenou Ioanna, Touloupi Anna, Triantafyllou Christina, Tsintzou Anna Bella, Christopoulou Agapi.

The basketball team showed first the way to success starting with a win but then they played with a more efficient team.


In the basketball team played: Anagnostopoulos Ionas, Dimitrakopoulos Stylianos, Komitas Fotios, Makris Konstantinos, Maramenidis Stavros, Mertoglou Konstantinos, Ntilis Nikolaos, Plemmenos Dimosthenis, Rallis Dimitrios, Rissakis Antonios, Sakellarakis Georgios, Sotiriou Dimitrios, Charitos Ioannis.

The football team started with a win but in the second match they were beaten in the penalties.


In the football team played: Panagiotis Martis, Ioannis Papadakis, Athanasios Andritsos, Michail Aggouras, Epameinontas Fafoutis, Konstantinos Falidas, Ioannis Karantzikis, Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Vasileios Nasopoulos, Adamantios Merdis, Themistoklis Nikolopoulos, Georgios Galanakis, Dimitrios Romanidis, Ektoras Kampadais, Georgios Bouras, Ioannis Giannopoulos, Filippos Savvaidis and Ioannis Tzanetos.

Congratulations to all the students!

Awards to our students by the Hellenic Chemistry Association

On 23 February the Hellenic Chemistry Association awarded prizes to six students of our school for their performance in the Chemistry Panhellenic Student Competition 2022. The students were Dimitrios Kassimatis, Theodoros Bakas, Maria Koroniou and Omiros Zounis (C class students in 2022), Ioannis Tzanetos and Elpida Besi (B class students) and Myrsini Kana (A class student). Dimitrios Kassimatis participated in the four-membered student team that represented our country in the International Chemistry Olympiad, where he won the bronze medal.

Congratulations to all the students!

Educational visit in the Biology Department of the School of Sciences, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

On Wednesday 15 February 2023 A’ and B’ Class students of the Club ‘Connecting Education with Workplaces’ and of the C’ Class Health Studies’ Direction visited the Biology Department of the School of Sciences in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The educational visit focused on the students’ information about the Studies in Biology and the scientific evolutions that take place through research projects in the last years.

After the presentation followed the students’ participation in lab experiments with the use of the electronic microscope, PCR, proteins’ info models, transgenetic plants and preparations of plant organisms in the microscope, DNA isolation and electrophoresis, NGS, preparations of animal organisms, flow cytometry unit, and dissection on a mouse for the study of its internal organs that resemble to those of a human.


Visit in the NKUA Museum of Pharmacology

Our school students, within the framework of their participation in the 7th student competition entitled “The museum exhibits through the students’ eyes”, visited the NKUA Museum of Pharmacology and were guided around the museum by the ex-Associate Professor of the Medicine School Mr. I. Papadopoulos.

The Museum was founded in 1998 by University Professors of the Pharmacology Laboratory of the Medicine School and is located in this laboratory. The philosophy of the Museum is based on the social approach of the exhibits and their evolution over time and also on the holistic study of all the factors that are involved in Pharmacology (pharmaceutical industry, scientific asset, teaching, students, University as an institution).

The subject of the competition in which the students participate is “The preparation of a medicine in the times of a pandemic: a fight against time”. The teachers in charge are the IT teacher of our school Ms. P. Matthe and the chemistry teachers Ms. C. Angelidou and Mr. C. Makedonas.

We thank the Associate Professor Mr. Papadopoulos and the Director of the Museum, Associate Professor Mr. C. Liapis, for their warm hospitality.

Visit in “Kathimerini” newspaper’s offices

On Wednesday 15 February the students of the Journalism and Cinema Clubs had the chance to visit the offices of “Kathimerini” newspaper.

The students had a tour guide in the offices and participated in an interesting discussion with the journalist Mr. Giorgos Lialios. Mr. Lialios explained to the students how a newspaper works while he answered to questions regarding, among others, the code of conduct a journalist must follow, the methodology that must be followed for complete and objective research as well as the perspectives of printed journalism in the competitive environment caused by the influence of the internet and social networking in the last years. The students left satisfied, having gained important knowledge regarding the value of Press as a fundamental means of information and a milestone of democracy.

We deeply thank Mr. Lialios and all the staff of the newspaper that made this visit possible.




5th Newsletter of the Club ‘Connecting Education with Workplaces’

On Monday, January 30, 2023, a group of students visited the ROIKOS Company.

It was a unique opportunity to talk with different professional specialties (Environmentalists, Electrical and Computer Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers – Urban Planners, Surveyors), but also to get to know and be informed about the real working conditions of a workplace, the skills and knowledge required for their future professional career prospects.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Alexandra Papadima-Kalergi (Chemical Engineer NTUA, MSc Water Resources Science and Technology, Director of the Department of Environment and Spatial Planning of the company ROIKOS Consultant Engineers S.A., International Development Manager) and Mrs. Josephine Teresa Vitali (Project Manager in the Department of International Development of the ROIKOS company, Civil engineer, with a master’s degree in Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering), but also to all their partners for hosting the students and for the time they spent to transfer knowledge and real experiences.

Panagiota Argyri, Mathematician (M.Sc, M.Ed)

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

Researcher & PhD Candidate, National Kapodistrian University of Athens