Participation of our High School students in the European contest ‘Juvenes Translatores 2020’

Today, on Thursday 26/11/2020, five (05) C’ Class students of our High School are representing our school in the European Contest of Young Translators ‘Juvenes Translatores 2020’, which is organised by the Translation Department of the European Commission. The participants are (in alphabetical order):

Angelopoulos Dionysios (C1)

Veli Danae (C1)

Dafermou Maria (C1)

Delliou Alexandra (C1)

Tsomokos Dimitrios (C3)

This year the participation in the context is realised from the participants’ houses due to the pandemic, and the participants are supervised by the school English teacher, Dr. Eirini Arnaouti, via Webex. Dr. Arnaouti has been in charge of the students’ preparation for the contest and of the contest realisation in our school.

We wish good luck to our student-participants!

Virtual tour of our school in the European Molecular Biology Center of Haidelberg

Today we had the chance, teachers and students of our High School, to go on a virtual tour around the European Molecular Biology Laboratory – EMBL of Haidelberg, organised by the EMBL ELLS! The virtual tour included the history of EMBL, 2 speeches on the life of a researcher and a technician in the EMBL, as well as a speech regarding the mini organs and how they are used so that we learn more about the cancer cells’ biology. In total, the tour was extremely interesting and offered us a window to the word in this hard time of the lockdown! I wish to thank the organisers for their hosting as well as our student group for their active participation.

Dr. Christodoulos Makedonas, Chemistry teacher

Distinction in the 8th Panhellenic Literature Competition of Short Stories in the memory of Kaiti Laskaridou

The C’ Class students Anna-Margarita Drimi and Maria Fefe were distinguished in the 8th Panhellenic Literature Competition of Short Stories in the memory of Kaiti Laskaridou 2019-2020, held in the Greek language. Anna-Margarita Drimi participated with her short story entitled “Arthur, the teddy bear” and Maria Fefe with her short story “Thoughts of a child”.

This competition addresses students of the secondary education and in our school the Greek Language and Literature teachers responsible for the students’ participation in it were Mr. Georgios Thodis and Mrs. Maria Papadopoulou. 

Our teachers’ workshop in a Panhellenic Conference

On Sunday 15/11/2020 our school teachers Dr. Chrysi Aggelidou, Chemistry teacher, and Dr. Eirini Arnaouti, English teacher, conducted a workshop entitled “Shall we play with Biology in English?” in the 1st Panhellenic Conference-The educational game in formal and non-formal education.

The Conference was organised by the School Life and Education Museum, the Laboratory for Research on Early Childhood Psychopedagogy, the Department of Education and Care in Early Childhood of the University of West Attica, the Greek Cultural Institute and the Metropolitan College and it was held on 14-15/11/2020 online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greek logo competition & School video presentation trailer

On Friday 13/11/2020 the Greek student- and teacher-participants of the Erasmus+ KA229 project entitled “Playing Europe” voted for the logo that will represent our school in the final project logo competition. The voting poll was conducted online, on the Mentimeter platform. You can see the candidate logos, all creations of our student-participants, the voting poll result, and the winning logo, in the PowerPoint presentation that follows.

Greek logo competition-fb

The students are also working on their video presentation of our school, Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna, and its history, in the form of a Treasure Hunt game. Here is a sneak preview of the short film that will follow soon!

Prize awarded to our school students by the Cultural Centre of Nea Smyrni

Congratulations to our C1 class students Vasiliki-Christina Zioga and Georgia-Theodora Zora and to our alumna Chionia Panagaki, as well as to our school English teacher Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti and to our school Greek Language and Literature teacher Mr. Georgios Thodis for being awarded a prize by the Cultural Centre of Nea Smyri for their historical documentary entitled “Remembrance”. The documentary was created within the framework of the student video competition organised by the Cultural Centre on the topic “Asia Minor, Ave!”, which was realised during the school year 2019-2020. You can watch the documentary in the Greek language here.

Today, on Thursday 5 November 2020, the award ceremony was held in the premises of the Cultural Centre of Nea Smyrni in a limited cycle and with the required measures against Covid-19.

Here are attached the students’ awards and photographs from the ceremony.

Βραβεία μαθητριών

Preliminary competition of Young Translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2020

The preliminary competition of young translators was held in our school for the selection of the five candidates that will represent our school in the competition of young translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2020 organised by the European Commission.

This year our school had the chance to be chosen by lot among the 21 Greek schools, whose students born in 2003 will represent our country in the yearly European competition of young translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2020, which is organised by the European Commission and will take place on 26 November 2020. Our school’s participation in the competition is organised by the English teacher, Dr. Eirini Arnaouti.

We wish all the candidates good luck!

Award for our students’ documentary

Congratulations to our students Vasiliki-Christina Zioga and Theodora Zora, to our alumna Chionia Panagaki and to our teachers Dr. Eirini Arnaouti and Mr. Georgios Thodis for being awarded a prize by the Cultural Centre of Nea Smyrni for their documentary entitled “Remembrance”.