Our school teacher’s presentation in a Panhellenic Conference

“Peer observation and peer evaluation in the introduction of a cognitive and methodological innovation in the B’ Class Modern Greek Language subject in a Model High School” is the title of the presentation made by the Greek Language and Literature teacher Kalypso N. Lazou-Balta in the 4th Panhellenic Conference  entitled “Education in the 21st century: Education & Culture”, organised on 10-12 May 2019 in Athens College by the aforementioned college in collaboration with the Museum of School Life and Education and the Hellenic Educational Society.

The presentation analyses the content of an one-session teaching of Modern Greek in B’ Class, which the teacher offered to the school teachers for peer observation and mentions the comments of the other teachers, who evaluated the educational innovation (methodological and cognitive), which emerge from the statistical processing of the peer observation form handed out to them.

The peer observation activity was organised within the framework of the dissemination of Ms. Lazou-Balta’s training in Finland and Estonia, in April 2018, during her participation in an Erasmus+ KA1 project.

The teaching scenario was based on an autobiographical note, of the chapter on Kinds of Biography (pp.91-103 of the Modern Greek Language school book). The teaching aimed at the completion of the autobiographical note by the B1 Class students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, with the use of individual consultancy tools. Role-play and collaboration were applied with the involvement of the peer observing teachers in the student teams. The teachers played the role of the “important others” in their students’ lives. An experiential workshop was created, in which every Consulting Student used the “Questionnaire of Personal Beliefs for the Exploration of Professional Perspectives” that was completed by three “Important Others”, i.e. three persons that highly influence his development and the formation of his personality. These three persons are a friend, a teacher of his choice and a parent, played by a classmate. The Consulting Student then evaluated the validity of the answers he received and incorporated the ones he accepted as real in his autobiographical note, which he composed according to the European autobiographical note template (Europass).

The in-school peer observation form was designed by the Pedagogy Sector of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the School of Philosophy of the NKUA and was implemented in the peer evaluation realised by the Model and Experimental Schools in 2014. The no.7 question was added by the school mathematicians Sotirios D. Chasapis and Alkiviadis G. Tzelepis, when they were observed themselves. These colleagues made use of the same form in the Algebra Laboratory that has been running in the school for the eighth school year now, as well as in the peer observation they organised for the dissemination of the training where they participated during the Erasmus+ KA1 project entitled “The European innovation as a training subject of the Greek education staff”, in which the school teachers participated during the school year 2017-2018.

First place of our school in the local EUSO competition

The Teacher’s Association and the Headmaster congratulate the students Maria Louvoulina, Maria Papageorgiou, Erifyli Prousalidi and Dimitris Emmanouil that in the local EUSO (European Science Olympiad) took the first place.

Our school students were prepared by our school teachers Gerasimos Theodoridis (Biology), Maria Diakonou and Argiro Gerbesioti (Physics), Christodoulos Makedonas (Chemistry), whom, as a Headmaster, I thank for the hours they dedicated and the knowledge they transferred to our students.

More precisely, on Saturday 3/12/2019 the preliminary stage of the local EUSO competition was held in Nea Smyrni Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences. The EUSO competition, organised by the Panhellenic Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences, is unique as it combines the following characteristics:

  • It is laboratory-based. Students are tested in the conduct of experiments and the analysis of experimental data in order to draw conclusions.
  • It is interdisciplinary. It is a 3-hour competition, during which students are tested in their laboratorial skills in physics, chemistry and biology.
  • It is collaborative. In contrast to other written competitions, every school participates with a 3-member student team. Students ought to collaborate in order to achieve their goal.

In the local competition participated 4 schools and our High School won the first place among them.

We wish all the best to our High School students and the best possible representation of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna in the Panhellenic Competition!

The Headmaster

Creation of our school students in the 4th Panhellenic Conference “Education in the 21st century: School and Culture”

Our school teacher during the school year 2015-2016 Mrs. Antigoni Laskaridou made a presentation entitled “Student Competition of Historical Documentary” in the 4th Panhellenic Conference “Education  in the 21st century: School and Culture” held in Athens College on 10-12/05/2019  (Link to the conference proceedings: http://www.ekedisy.gr/praktika-4ou-synedrioy/).

In her presentation she presented the historical documentary creation entitled “The grocer’s daughter… and an international recipe” made by the students of the A’ Class elective module of “Greek and European Civilization” of the school year 2015-16 that she was teaching.

The documentary was a critical approach of an important personality of the Modern European History, the Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher. The documentary included the interview of the Emeritus Professor in History of the NKUA Thanos Veremis. The objective of this creation was a combination of historical research and cinematic art.

The school students Athanasopoulou Vera, Karaousou Marina, Kolio Eleni, Kyriakidis Kyriakos, Kotis Georgios, Magnisalis Aggelos, Mavromichalis Stavros, Peraki Eirini and Tsekouras Georgios were the team members who worked on this innovative activity and won the 4th place, i.e. a distinction in the 3rd Panhellenic Pupil and Student Competition in Historical Documentary.

Eugenides Foundation offered the technical support for the documentary creation.

Congratulations to the ex-school students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna and current university students!

Speech of our school mathematician Mr. A. Tzelepis entitled “ The bicycle with the square wheels”

An open speech of our school mathematician Mr. A. Tzelepis was made in our school amphitheatre on 12/12/2019 within the framework of the Algebra Laboratory activities. The speech was entitled “The bicycle with the square wheels”.

The presentation notes that follow are in the Greek language, in which the speech was made.

Our students’ success in Euroscola competition

Eight B’ class students of Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna are among the 24 members of the student team that will represent the Prefectural Educational Directorate of Attica in the EUROSCOLA meeting organised by the European Parliament on 17 January 2020, in Strasbourg.

The participating students are: Charalampos Vergadis (1st place), Michail-Athanasios Peppas (2nd place), Anna-Margarita Drimi (4th place),Pelagia Stamataki (6th place), Maria-Despoina Dipla (7th place), Eirini Papadopoulou and Dimitris Tsomokos (16th place) and Danai Bifsa (24th place). The 1st substitute student is Karlotta-Ioanna Filippousi.

In this year’s written competition of EUROSCOLA of the European Parliament organised by the Secondary Education Offices of A’ and D’ Athens participated 324 students in total. Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, as one of the two competition examination centres of the Secondary Education Office of D’ Athens, hosted the competition candidates on Thursday, 14 November 2019. Most of the 29 members of the student team that participated in the competition on behalf of our school got high marks and therefore high places in the final result list.

We congratulate our students and the Greek language and literature teacher responsible for the preparation of the school students for the EUROSCOLA written competition, Ms. Kalypso Lazou-Balta.

The School Headmaster

Educational visit “The Creator’s Viewpoint”

On Wednesday 4 December 2019, and after the initiative of the English teacher Dr. Eirini Arnaouti and of the Greek language and literature teacher Dr. Ioanna Pseftogianni, the B2 and C1 school classes participated in the cinema educational activity “The Creator’s Viewpoint”, realized by ALMEIDA cultural company in the buildings of Athens School of Fine Arts.

The pupils, after a brief introduction to the theory of film-making, made their own short films, based on key words given to them.

Their short films are the following:

The meeting (B2), The chase (B2), The coin (C1), Itineraries (C1)

Participation in the 6th European Student Conference in Venice, Italy

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated with an 18-member group in the 6th European Student Conference organized in Venice, Italy, from 29 November until 2 December 2019, entitled “History meets Arts, Letters and Technology: The Man and his itinerary from Renaissance to the modern civilized world”.

More precisely, the A’ Class students Askounis Apostolos, Kantartzis Spyridon, Karava Christina, Kasfiki Athanasia-Eirini, Kouroukli Alexandra, Kouroukli Anna, Koritou Foteini-Evangelia, Koroniou Maria, Kostaridi Stavroula, Marinou Melina, Mariolis-Sapsakos Dimitrios, Baka Alexandra, Bethani Eleni, Oikonomopoulou Nancy, Petridis Nikitas, Stefanidis Prodromos, Tzelepis Konstantinos-Iakovos and Tsirigotaki Myrto, accompanied by their teachers Mr. Thodis Georgios and Mrs. Arnaouti Eirini, successfully presented their paper entitled “The contribution of Universities and typography in the dissemination of the Renaissance spirit and the creation of the contemporary European civilization”.

Juvenes Translatores 2019 Contest Day

On 21/11/2019 five C’ Class students (Christos Georganas, Athanasia Sousani, Sofia Stamatiadi, Maria-Spyridoula Stefanaki, Theodora Fragkaki) participated in the young translators’ competition “Juvenes Translatores” 2019 organized by the European Commission. The English teacher Eirini Arnaouti was responsible for the students’ preparation and the realization of the competition in our school.

We thank the European Commission for this unique experience!

Preliminary competition of Young Translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2019

On Friday 25 October 2019 at 10:45-12:45 the preliminary competition of young translators was held in our school for the selection of the five candidates that will represent our school in the competition of young translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2019 organised by the European Commission.

This year our school had the chance to be chosen by lot among the 21 Greek schools, whose students born in 2002 will represent our country in the yearly European competition of young translators (Juvenes Translatores) 2019, which will be organised by the European Commission and will take place on 21 November 2019. Our school’s participation in the competition is organised by the English teacher, Dr. Eirini Arnaouti.

We wish all the candidates good luck!

Distinction of a students’ digital creation

In the award ceremony held on Wednesday 29 May 2019 in the Press Room of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications & Information was awarded a distinction to the participation of our school in the Panhellenic Competition of Audiovisual and Digital Creation “Your history is your town’s history” for students of the Secondary Education of the Greek schools in Greece and abroad.

The digital short historical documentary entitled “From Smyrna to Nea Smyrni: Important buildings in their intellectual, religious and cultural tradition” was created by the B2 class of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna, under the supervision of the English teacher Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti and the History teacher Mr. Georgios Thodis.