Event of the school Reading Club

On Friday 12/05/2023, Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna’s Reading Club, organized by the teacher E. Karimali, hosted Mrs. Anna Afentoulidou, a distinguished Greek Language teacher and poet, who works in the Institute of Educational Policy, in the Sector of Humanities and Letters as a substitute coordinator of the Special Education Field.

During her visit, the A2 class students and the students of the Reading Club participated in a 2-teaching hour Poetry Workshop that the visitor conducted. During the first teaching hour was realised the analysis of her poem ‘Game’ (‘Παίγνιον’) from her poetry collection ‘Stories of Iconic Balance’ (editions Gabriel), while during the second teaching hour students worked on Poetry Creative Writing under the poet’s guidance.

I deeply thank Mrs. Afentoulidou for the unique opportunity she offered to the students to participate in an experiential analysis of her poetic work as well as in the creation of their own poem. After discussing with her, we aim at future extended collaboration with her in the framework of the Reading Club during the following school year.

Evangelia Karimali

Distinction of our student in the Panhellenic Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to our A class student Danae Prousalidi for taking the 9th place in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition, after the end of the competition B stage. Danae will be awarded a prize in a special ceremony organized by the Hellenic Chemists’ Association.

You can see the competition results here:


Participation in the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to our student Elpida Besi for her performance in the B stage of the Panhellenic Student Chemistry Competition (organized by the Hellenic Chemists’ Association). Elpida will be awarded a prize in a special ceremony organized by the H.C.A.

Congratulations to Ioannis Tzanetos and Michail Prousalidis for their participation in the B stage of the competition.

You can see the competition results here: https://www.eex.gr/news/diagonismoi/2883-anakoinosi-diakrithenton-36ou-pmdx-b-lukeiou-kai-g-lukeiou

Club of Cinema Education 2022-2023

The works of the school Club of Cinema Education for the school year 2022-2023 were completed under the guidance of the teacher in charge Mr. Sotirios Kollias. In the last period of the Club works, the students Penelope Zacharaki, Maria Karystinaiou, Despoina Katsadoraki, Nikolaos Kleftogiannis, Ioanna Papakammenou, Marinos Poulopoulos, Argyro Rizou, Emmanouil Salib, Dimitrios Spanos, Maria Spyrou and Ioannis Prousaeus wrote an original script.

The Club aim was to make steps towards students’ cine-literacy, which means the development of skills related not only to viewing but also to critically assessing audiovisual products.

In the 1st term we started the Club works with the theoretical part in the Cinema Language and with practice in frames, scenes, angles, cinematic effects, editing, script-writing and photography.

We also invited professionals in the field to talk to the students. The first invited speaker was the Cinema Photography Director Mr. Panagiotis Kleidaras, who talked to the students about the art of photography, the love that someone should have to deal with the Cinema world and the poetic dimensions that this work may have.

The director Mr. Stavropoulos talked to the Club students about the jobs related to Film Studies, techniques, photography, editing, professional perspectives and potential difficulties. Moreover, he talked about the history of the cinematic art and its course in Greece and abroad, the film evolution, the process of restoring old films and their digitalization.

In the 2nd term our Club visited the Greek Film Archive, where the students watched the first Greek silent film of the year 1927. After watching the film, the students were guided in the museum of the Greek Film Archive, where they saw, among other things, an impressive collection of the first film projectors and many interesting exhibits related to the cinema history in Greece. They were also guided in the library of the Greek Film Archive and saw a lot of Greek and foreign books and magazines about the cinema.

Our Club works were completed with the writing of an original script for which all the students dedicated a lot of time in order to process their ideas and decide how they will transfer them on the big screen.

In the next school year the Club will continue its function aiming at the completion of the filming so that the students’ film is sent to a Panhellenic student competition of short films.

Participation of our students in the Panhellenic High School Games of Tennis, Track and Field and Gymnastics

On Thursday 21-03-2023 our school students Michalochrista Christina and Petrou Athina competed in the Panhellenic High School Matches of Tennis, playing against students of other Greek High Schools. The matches took place in the Municipal Sports Centre of Palaio Faliro.


On Tuesday 04-04-2023 our two school students competed in Track and Field, making very good performances. More precisely, the A class student Erietta Armaou competed in the long jump, jumping 4.76 m., and the A class student Georgios Koutroulis ran in the 400 metres. The events took place in the National Athletic Centre of Agios Kosmas, with the participation of Attica High Schools.



In the gymnastics competed the A class student Maria Konstantinidou on Tuesday 2 May 2023 in Thessaloniki, along with students from all over Greece. She competed on four apparatus and took the 8th place in the vault, the 15th place in the balance beam, the 17th place in the uneven bars and the 19th place in the floor exercises.


Congratulations to all the students for their participation and for representing Evangeliki Model School! We wish them a lot of success both in their studies and in sports competitions.

Presentation in educational conference regarding an award-winning film of our school

On Saturday 6 May 2023 our school teachers Dr. Eirini Arnaouti (English teacher) and Dr. Sotirios Kollias (Theologist), in charge of the school Cinema Club during the school year 2021-2022, made a presentation in the 9th Panhellenic Conference “NEW PEDAGOGUE”, which was held in Athens.

The presentation entitled ““Did you send an sms?”: A film about the quarantine of covid-19” presented and analysed the student short film “Did you send an sms?”, which was created by the Cinema Club participants during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, and which won the 3rd Panhellenic Award in the 22nd European Meeting of Audiovisual Creation (category 13-17) and the 3rd Award in the International Student Competition of Short Films “Did you study…cinema??” (category: Fiction Film – Higher Secondary Education).

One more award for the film of our school Cinema Club entitled “Did you send an sms?”

Congratulations to the team of our students from our school Cinema Club for the 3rd award in the category “Fiction Film for the Higher Secondary Education” in the 13th International Student Competition of Short Films Did you study…cinema??

Our team participated in the competition with the short film “Did you send an sms?”, which was created during the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Here is the summary of the film: In the first semester of 2021, during the second lockdown due to covid-19, when the transport was allowed under certain circumstances and after sending an sms, two teenagers meet through a series of situations that reflect the problems of the Greek society in that period.

We also congratulate our teachers who encouraged and guided the students, Eirini Arnaouti, Sotirios Kollias, Georgios Thodis and Ioanna Pseftogianni!

You can watch the film in Greek here.

Participation of our school in the 1st Panhellenic School Beach Volley Championship


The 1st Panhellenic School Beach Volley Championship was held on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May 2023 in the Coastal Sports Venues of Krateros in Heraklion, Crete. Our school was represented by the 2-member team Karasavvidi Faidra and Moutzouraki Anastasia-Apostolia, B class students. On the first day they won 2 games. On the second day, they were beaten in the third game, which defined the qualification to the semi-finals, by the team that won the 2nd place. That happened because of an injury. Nevertheless, they gained valuable experience not only in terms of competing but also in terms of an excellent athletic atmosphere between the students that played in these amazing coastal sports venues. It is worth mentioning that all students had the chance to meet, communicate and hang around together after the end of each day’s games. Healthy athletic participation can unite students that are strangers between them, even if they are rivals for some time on the court.

We deeply thank the Parents’ and Custodians’ Association for their support in this sport school activity.



Congratulations to Faidra and Natalia for their participation and also for their excellent attitude and behavior. We wish them success in every step they make.