Our voice a shield against hate talk. “Make it get heard 2019”competition

The European School Radio is carrying out a radio message and song competition on the questions “What is the hate rhetoric? How easy is it nowadays to adopt an aggressive rhetoric that poisons the children’s souls?”

Inspired by the aforementioned questions our school student Papadopoulou Eirini wrote the lyrics of the song “Don’t talk to me” («Μη μου μιλάς»), which was accompanied by the music composed by Balatos Dimitrios and it was performed by Polymos Christos, Balatos Dimitrios and Papadopoulou Eirini. The teacher in charge of this activity is Mrs. Lekka Maria, Social Science teacher.

With this song our school participates in the radio message and song competition entitled “Make it get heard 2019”. The song title is “Our voice a shield against hate talk”.

You can listen to it on
http://europeanschoolradio.eu/lk/Song-likes.php… (number 98) and vote for it to give it the chance to win the audience prize

Congratulations to the students and their teacher.

The Headmaster

Interpretive Reading Competition

Pelagia Stamataki, A’ Class student, was awarded the 2nd prize in the Literary Texts Interpretive Reading Competition, organised by the College of Athens and the College of Psychiko. This year the competition was dedicated to the poetry of Georgios Seferis. The student read the poem “Memory A’” (Μνήμη Α’ ) from the collection “Deck Diary B’” (Ημερολόγιο Καταστρώματος Β’).

Our school had the biggest number of students who passed in the final stage of the competition, as it was the only school of which three out of five students passed in the finals. Apart from the student who was awarded a prize, the other students participating in the final stage were Romanos Petridis and Andreas Tsouvalas. Both students were well commented for their participation. The teacher in charge of the school team was the Greek Language teacher Ms. Kalypso Lazou-Mpalta.

Common European Activity with 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens

On Thursday 21-02-2019, a group of students from the 2nd Experimental Lyceum of Athens who participate in the ERASMUS+-KA2 project entitled “Refugees Welcome-When Numbers become Faces” (code number 2017-1-DE03-KA219-035539_3), accompanied by their teachers Ms. Eleni Georgiou and Mr. Dimitrios Mavreas, realised a common activity with the students of A1 class of our school and Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti, within the framework of the subject of English. The activity aimed at disseminating the knowledge acquired during this ERASMUS+ project and is relevant to the National Curriculum for the English Language, as it was connected with the school book unit “Refugees’ Dreamland”.

Online meeting with Mr. Conrad Wolfram

Some days ago, our school Robotics Club students had an hour-long online meeting with Mr. Conrad Wolfram, an important personality in the field of Technology and Science. Mr. Wolfram is the co-founder of the cognitive platform ‘WolframAlpha’.


Students participated in the preliminary competition ‘Satellite in a Can’ of the European Space Agency with their team called ‘Orion’.
They informed Mr. Wolfram about the purpose of our team, their intentions and their thoughts about their project for this year’s CanSat competition and he gave them useful advice.

Congratulations to the students and especially to Richard Bariampa, who took the initiative to organise this online teleconferencing.

The Headmaster

Panhellenic Success in EUSO

Our school team consisting of Karaoglanis Christos, Mavroukaki-Karagkouni Konstantina, Margaritis Christos and Xasteroulias Stefanos got the 5th place in the Panhellenic Experiments Competition of EUSO (European Union Science Olympiad).

Congratulations to the students and their teachers, and especially to Mrs. Diakonou Maria, Mr. Theodoridis Gerasimos, Mr. Makedonas Christodoulos and Ms. Chavarioti Maria, who dedicated a lot of hours beyond their teaching schedule to prepare them for the competition.

The Headmaster

Our school was selected to participate in the OSOS project run by I.E.P.

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna belongs to the schools that were selected to participate in the B’ implementation stage of the H2020: «Open Schools for Open Societies» (https://www.openschools.eu/) project.

An open school for an open society for the realization of activities in the framework of responsible research and innovation, which will bring students close to real issues and problems, transforming the classroom knowledge into suggestions and solutions for the society’s sustainable development. Selection was made among schools from all over the country after they had submitted their application forms and project suggestions.

Coordinator of the activities for the realization of this European project on behalf of our school is Ms. Argyri Panagiota (Mathematician) and participating teachers are Ms. Chavarioti Maria (Chemist) and Mr. Theodoridis Gerasimos (Biologist).

Congratulations to our colleagues.

The Headmaster

Our school Chess Team is the Champion in the Team Championship of Attica High Schools

The end of 2018 also offered one more distinction to students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna. The Chess Team, consisting of Bouza Myrto-Eleni, Kefalas Sotirios, Koutis Pavlos and Gkikas Ioannis, was the champion in the Team School Chess Championship of Attica, High School category.


The championship finished on 27/12/2018 in the Olympic Closed Stadium of Ano Liosia. The team has passed in this way in the finals of the National Championship.

The cup was awarded, on behalf of the Board of  Directors of the Hellenic Chess Federation, by Mr. Christos Pilalis, also a member of the Board of Directors of  the Parents’ and Custodians’ Association of Evangeliki Secondary School of Smyrna.

The parents and friends of the students of the Secondary and High School also applauded the two teams of the Secondary School, who took the 8th and 10th place in the Secondary School category.

Congratulations to the members of our teams! All the best in the future!

Successful students at “Thales” mathematics competition

The results of THALES 2018 mathematics competition have been announced by the Hellenic Mathematics Society.

Congratulations to all the students who participated and enjoyed the experience!

Special congratulations to the students who have passed in the next phase, EUCLID 2019 competition, which will be held on Saturday 19 January 2019.

The students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna who have passed in the next phase are:

C’ Class (3 students):

Avramidis Dimitrios – Nikolaos

Konidas Christos – Angelos

Panigyrakis Petros


B’ Class (4 students):

Mavroukaki-Karagkouni Konstantina

Papatheodorou Aikaterina

Pipis Evangelos

Soulimiotis Dimitrios


A’ Class (17 students):

Veli Danae

Giannoulatou Maria

Delliou Alexandra

Dipla Maria – Despoina

Dontas Ioannis

Emmanouil Dimitrios

Iliopoulou – Tsimaratou Andriana

Kefalas Sotirios

Mentis Ioannis

Dori Alexandra

Panagiotakis Evangelos

Plevraki Stella

Pyrpiri Paraskevi

Skourletis – Eikosipentarchos Faidon

Skreka Christina

Tsouvalas Andreas

Fytrou Maria

First place in the local EUSO competition

Congratulations to our students Konstantina Mavroukaki-Karagkouni, Christos Margaritis and Christos Karaoglanis who came first in the local European Union Science Olympiad.

With this success the team has passed to the next stage of the competition. The winning team of the next stage will compete on a European level. This competition checks students’ experimental skills in Biology, Physics and Chemistry through the realization of relevant experiments.

Warm thanks to their teachers Maria Diakonou, Gerasimos Theodoridis, Christodoulos Makedonas and Maria Chavarioti who prepared the team and dedicated much of their free time in that.

The Headmaster

Participation in the 4th Mediterranean Student Conference in Naples, Italy

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna participated with a team of 22 members in the 4th Mediterranean Student Conference that was held in Naples, Italy (17-20/11/2017), in the Basilica di San Giovanni Maggiore. The conference was entitled “Greek-Roman Civilization and the European Idea: From the realization of History to the formation of the European Values (Civiltà greco-romana e idea europea: dalla coscienza storica alla creazione dei valori europei)”.


More precisely, the A’ Class students Andromida Eleni, Doulopoulou Elissavet, Drakoulakou Georgia, Theodoratou Evangelia, Zacharopoulos Stavros, Zotou Elissavet, Katsampani Andriana, Kiourtsoglou Orestis, Kladi-Morfi Olga, Bekiaris Dimitrios, Papageorgiou Danae, Papatheodorou Aikaterina, Papachristos Christos, Petridis Romanos, Pipis Evangelos, Sousani Athanasia, Spinos Ioannis, Spyrou Nicholaos, Tsakonas Panagiotis, Charitos Theodosios, accompanied by their teachers Mr. Thodis Georgios and Mrs. Arnaouti Eirini, successfully presented their paper entitled “The woman in the Ancient Greek and Roman world (La donna nel mondo antico Greco e Romano)”.


Here you can see the students’ conference presentation in the Greek language: