The director Grigoris Stavropoulos in the Cinema Education Club

On Tuesday 17 January 2023 was invited in the Cinema Education Club the director Grigoris Stavropoulos.

Mr. Stavropoulos talked to the students about the professions related to Film Studies, the various cinematic techniques, photography, film editing, the perspectives and difficulties of the field. He also talked about the history of the cinematic art in Greece and abroad, the evolution of the film, the process of old films’ restoration and their digital form. He referred to the new modern 3D systems, and then followed a discussion regarding the future of the cinema. Mr. Stavropoulos also encouraged young people to watch quality films.

We deeply thank him for the honor to share with the Club students his valuable experience and to inspire us more during our way towards the acquisition of cinema education.

Intervention in B Class by the Centre of Addictions’ Prevention “HELIOS” of the municipalities of Nea Smyrni and Agios Dimitrios

During the period 10-22 November 2022 was realized the intervention entitled “The Way to Autonomy” to B class students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna by executives of the Center of Prevention “HELIOS”:

Karapataki Nantia, Psychologist-Psychotherapist, Academic Member of Prevention, and Zarafonitou Maria, Social Worker, Academic Executive of Prevention.

The Centre of Addictions’ Prevention and Promotion of Psychosocial Health “HELIOS” was founded in March 2006 as an urban non-profit organization by the local authorities of the municipalities of Nea Smyrni and Agios Dimitrios , in collaboration with the Organisation against Drugs. The centre is staffed by psychic health professionals, trained in prevention issues, and it offers free services to the citizens of Nea Smyrni and Agios Dimitrios, which consist of the planning and implementation of preventive actions in the local community with the aim of promoting the population’s psychosocial health.

In the framework of the interventions addressed to Secondary Education students, the Prevention Centre “HELIOS” has designed an intervention for High School students entitled “The Way to Autonomy”, which has been  realized the past years with the participation of High School students from the municipalities of Nea Smyrni and Agios Dimitrios. The intervention aims at facilitating students to ask questions and to search answers related to their transition from the adolescence to adulthood. This transition is a crucial stage of life. The youth are called to gradually leave the safety of their family and to try themselves in new roles. This change is accompanied by feelings of stress, insecurity and disappointment.

Taking into consideration the youth’s needs to share their concerns and receive encouragement and support, we designed this intervention that gives the opportunity to the participants to process, through experiential procedures, issues like autonomy, their self-image, feelings, and stress management.

It is a programme that lasts for 3 2-hour sessions per class, in which through experiential activities and group interaction emerge concerns that the adolescents face and they are given space and time for discussion and processing of them.

Collaboration with the students has been for us especially satisfactory and pleasant and let us have an insight, to a certain degree, into the pulse of the adolescent journey towards autonomy and adulthood. The adolescents mainly “talked” through symbolic painting. Their creations have been especially imaginative and each one of them showed how they perceive their way towards autonomy, how they attribute a meaning to it, what they keep and what they leave from their adolescent self, how they imagine their future as adults.

Examples of the intervention:

A group depicted the concept of “growing older” with a snowball that rolls down a mountain slope. During its downhill course, the snowball collects snow, just like the adolescent gains experience and knowledge during his/her journey towards adulthood, and it grows bigger and bigger until it reaches a point (adulthood  – completion), when it stays stable for a while before it gradually melts and dies.

Another group associated the concept of “growing older” with a child that grows up like a tree. Just like the tree, in the course of its development, grows roots, the child gains experiences. Just like the tree gets fruits as a result of internal and external processes, the child “wins a medal” (wins in life, achieves goals) while changing on the way both appearance and shirt number (change of personality and roles in life).

We deeply thank the school principal Mr. C. Fanidis and the school teachers for our excellent cooperation and their warm hospitality in the school.

Above all, though, we would like to thank from the depth of our heart the B class students for the trust they showed to us and shared among them and with us their concerns about life and their future.

We wish you all the best.

Yours faithfully,

Nantia Karapataki

Maria Zarafonitou

Screening of the film “Persepolis” in the framework of the “Cinema Club”

On Saturday 12 November 2022 the students of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna had the chance to attend in the school gathering hall the exceptional film “Persepolis”, in the framework of the school action “Cinema Club”. Through this screening the students learned the history of Iran during the last decades of the 20th century and reflected on the phenomenon of religious fanatism and the disrespect of the human rights and especially the women’s rights in this country. The A’ Class student Rea Svigkou wrote about her experience:

The film I watched along with my classmates last Saturday in the school gathering hall is called “Persepolis”. An animation film, which had nothing to do with the films we watched when we were young. Not because there were no brave heroes and heroines, wise mentors and monsters, but because the latter, the monsters, were not dragons but people. A kind of monster that doesn’t use its nails and teeth to “exterminate” its enemies, but something else, even more destructive. This is called war.

To cut a long story short, I will talk about the film plot.                                      

The main axis of the film is the internal political conflicts and the war that Iran experienced after the Shah’s overthrow, in the end of the 1970s (1979: Overthrow of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi by Ayatollah Khomeini – 1980: War between Iran and Iraq), presented through the eyes of little Marjane Satrapi, a brave, lively and unusual, one would say, girl, inhabitant of Teheran and originated from Iran. Her parents and grand-mother, terrified by the horror and the cruelty of the civil war and shocked by the loss of their loved ones, decided to send their only daughter in Germany, thinking that there she will be safe and she will have a better life. So, away from her homeland, where after the end of the civil war bursts out the war with Iraq, the adolescent Marjane experiences her own internal “war”. New and different companies of friends, changes in her appearance, love stories, conflicts, disappointments, homelessness…  All these influence her psychology and urge her to make the big decision and return to her homeland.

So, reflecting over the film, I realise that what I could keep as a morale is the word that Marjane’s grand-mother repeated to her throughout the film and urged her grand-daughter to have as a guide in her life: integrity. Integrity towards the odds and difficulties that she faced, in her character and the decisions she made. Marjane was late in realising the meaning of this word. She was late in understanding the impact it would have on her life and her personality. In the end, though, she understood and respected it, she followed her grand-mother’s wish and accepted herself and her origin, overcoming her insecurities, as it is shown in her dialogue with the taxi driver in the end of the film:

  • Where do you come from?
  • From Iran

Rea Svigkou, A’ Class

We thank our student for sharing her experience with us and we also thank the school administration for offering the necessary equipment for the film screening.

We hope there will be more journeys in the wonderful world of the cinema through the screening of equally exceptional films.

Attendance of the play “The Barber of Seville” in the framework of the school action “Let’s go to the theatre!”

On Sunday 18 December 2022, Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna students had the chance to attend the play “The Barber of Seville” in Acropol Theatre. In a venue full of people, in the centre of Christmas Athens, we had the chance to enjoy an entertaining performance of the classical comic opera with the wonderful music of Gioachino Rossini. A cast consisting of tenors, dancers and acrobats performed along with the main protagonists, Vassilis Charalambopoulos and Fanis Mouratidis, and all together they created a show full of action, laughter and optimism. A joyful atmosphere, absolutely in compliance with the feasts of Christmas and the New Year that the young students were looking forward to.

Visit in the History Museum of Athens University in Plaka

On Friday 16/12/2022 A and B Class students visited the History Museum of Athens University in Plaka, accompanied by the teachers Mrs. Angelidou and Mrs. Matthe. The visit was realized within the framework of the school participation in the 7th Student Competition entitled “The exhibits through the students’ eyes”. Our school students participate in the competition with their work “A medicine preparation in the times of a pandemic”. Our school teacher Mr. Makedonas is also a supervising teacher of the students’ work.

We warmly thank Mrs. Foteini Tsitou for the reception and the guided tour.


Success of our school team in the local experiment competition: First place for our school in the local competition EOES 2023

On Saturday 10/12 was held in Nea Smyrni Laboratory Centre of Natural Sciences (teacher in charge: Athanasios Gourbis) the local preliminary stage of the EOES (European Olympiad of Experimental Science). EOES, which is organized by the Panhellenic  Laboratory Centres of Natural Sciences, is special because it combines the following characteristics:

  • It is laboratory-based. Students are tested in the conduct of experiments and the analysis of experimental data in order to draw conclusions.
  • It is interdisciplinary. It is a 3-hour competition, during which students are tested in their laboratorial skills in physics, chemistry and biology.
  • It is collaborative. In contrast to other written competitions, every school participates with a 3-member student team. Students ought to collaborate in order to achieve their goal.

In the local competition participated 4 schools and our High School won the first place among them.

Our team consisted of the students Myrsini Kana, Maria Billa, Petros Patrianakos and Spyridon Sofoulis. Our students’ preparation was realized by our school teachers Sevasti Vamvakopoulou (Biology), Maria Diakonou and Margarita Toulatou (Physics), Chrysi Angelidou and Christodoulos Makedonas (Chemistry).

We wish the best to our school students and the best possible representation of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna in the Panhellenic Competition!

4th Newsletter on the Activities of the Club “Connecting Education & Workplaces”

Medical Biological Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (IIVEAA).

The students of the Club in the role of a researcher

We warmly thank the research staff, Mr. Politis Panagiotis and Ms. Kalteziotis Valeria, for the hospitality and the detailed scientific presentation of the research activities.

The experiential approach and involvement with research in a real workplace of a research laboratory was a unique experience for the students of the Club.

Athena Research Center – Speech Processing Institute

The students of the Club become acquainted with the potential of computing technology in the field of Research and Innovation. We sincerely thank the Director, Mr. Vasilis Katsouros, and the Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Eleni Sotiropoulou.

Legal Sciences

The student Niki Kouka meets the lawyer Mr. Odysseas Nazibian, Graduate of Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna and Representative of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni to learn about the professional prospects, skills and requirements of the professional field of Legal Sciences.

Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission – Democritus Research Center

The teacher in charge of the Club

Panagiota Argyri, Mathematician (M.Sc, M.Ed)

Evangeliki Model High School of Smyrna

PhD Candidate in the NKUA

Award-winning of a school student in the 10th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Stories and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”

On Friday 2 December 2022 was held the award ceremony of the students that were distinguished in the 10th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Stories and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”, which is organized by the Scientific and Cultural Association “Educational Circle” in collaboration with the Regional Centre of Educational Planning in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and it is realized with the approval of the Institute of Educational Policy.

Our C3 class student Panagiota (Naya) Lyra won the 1st prize for her short story “The teacher” and the 2nd prize for her poem “The feast” in the 10th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Stories and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis” 2021-22.

The student Panagiota (Naya) Lyra, for the second consecutive year, wins a distinction in this competition. In the 9th Literature Competition of Adolescent Short Stories and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”, during the school year 2020-21, she won the 1st prize in both categories, i.e. in the Adolescent Short Story and in the Adolescent Poetry.

Our school students’ participation in the aforementioned competition is realized within the framework of an activity carried out by our school Greek Language and Literature teachers Mr. Thodis Georgios and Ms. Karimali Evangelia.

You can see the competition results in the Greek language here.

New distinction for the student documentary of our school entitled “Remembrance”

The historic documentary entitled “Remembrance”, treating the Asia Minor catastrophe 100 years ago, which was created by our school alumnae Vassiliki-Christina Zioga, Georgia-Theodora Zora and Panagaki Chionia when they were still our school students, under the guidance of our school teachers Mr. Georgios Thodis and Mrs. Eirini Arnaouti, won one more prize, this time in the 9th International School Competition “Education and the Greeks’ Uprooting”, which was organized by the Museum of School Life and Education and the Educational Radiotelevision and it will be screened on the Hellenic Parliament Channel. The award ceremony was held online on Friday 16 December 2022 at 11:30.

Congratulations to our school alumnae and their supervisors!

You can watch the documentary in the Greek language here.

You can watch the recorded online award ceremony here.


International Day of People with Disabilities – “A Hug”


On Thursday 8 December 2022 in the framework of the International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December 2022) and of the pilot implementation of the new National Curriculum of Physical Education, the P.E. teachers Mr. Sarlas Georgios, Ms. Athanasopoulou Efthymia and Ms. Belte Smaragda took the initiative to organise an informative visit in our school by the Paralympic winner and A’ Vice President of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee Mr. Athanasios Tsivilis, accompanied by Ms. Giota Leveti, on behalf of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee.

The aim of this initiative was to inform and sensitize students about the abilities and the right of disabled people to the full participation in social activities, their equal access to education, to sports, to sports’ venues, etc. The exceptional approach of Mr. Tsivilis regarding the development of respect, inclusion, acceptance of diversity and the fight against any kind of discrimination and exclusion enthused us with his “hug”, opening a dialogue, which encouraged and answered questions to an excellent degree.

We deeply thank Mr. Tsivilis and Ms. Leveti for their exceptional approach, as well as for their proposal for a second visit to discuss with the C’ Class students.