Bronze medal for our graduate in the International Mathematics Olympiad 2021

Our school graduate Dimitrios Emmanouil won the bronze medal in the 62nd Mathematics Olympiad 2021 (

This is the second international Olympic medal for Dimitrios Emmanouil, who also won the bronze medal in the Mathematics Olympiad last year. Our graduate has won gold medals in the National Mathematics Olympiad and also in previous international Olympiads. He participated in the Secondary and High School Mathematics Clubs of our school and he was a role model for his classmates thanks to his experience, persistence, hard work and collaborative spirit.

Dimitrios, congratulations and all the best for whatever you choose to do since you will be an especially talented student of mathematics, who is always hard-working and diligent!

Congratulations to his teachers, and especially to our school vice-headmaster Mr. Chasapis, who teaches advanced mathematics in the Mathematics Club for years and inspires his students with love for mathematics.

The Headmaster

C. D. Fanidis

Our school graduate in the National Olympic Team of Physics

Our school graduate of the school year 2020-2021 Prousalidi Erifylli will participate as a member in the National Olympic Team of Physics in the Physics Olympiad 2021

We congratulate our school graduate and wish her good luck!

It is worth mentioning that two more school graduates, Emmanouil Dimitrios and Aggelopoulos Dionysios, were also invited in the National Physics Team but they could not participate because of their participation in another National Team and due to other duties.

The Headmaster

Our student in the National Olympic Team of Economics

Our B’ class student Tzelepis Konstantinos-Iakovos participated in the 3rd stage of the 2nd Panhellenic Student Competition of Economics “ARISTOTELIS”, organised by the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Thessaly and succeeded in being one of the 5 who will participate in the Olympic Team Of Economics that will represent us in the 4th International Olympiad of Economics 2021.

The Olympiad is organised online this year as well from 26 July until 1 August 2021. The organising country is Latvia.

We congratulate our student and his teachers and we wish him good luck!

The Headmaster


CONGRATULATIONS to 3 students of the Rhetoric Club 2020-21, Kalogiannidou Elissavet, Koulourioti Eleanna and Kostaridi Stavroula, who took part on 26-6-2021 and reached the Finals of the Student Debate Contest: Debate#ClimateofChange. This contest is part of the European project “End Climate Change of Change” organised online by ActionAid Hellas under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, with the collaboration of the “Hellenic Association for the Promotion of Rhetoric in Education”. In this contest, the student Koulourioti Eleanna was chosen among the best speakers and was distinguished as the Fourth Best Speaker.

Our participation in the aforementioned contest was realised after the Distinction of a 5-member team of the Rhetoric Club 2020-21 in the DEBATE 2021 (22-5-2021). The participants, then, were the B’ class students Kalogiannidou Elissavet, Kostaridi Stavroula, Tsolas Miltiadis, Chatzivasiloglou Vasileios, and the A’ class student Koulourioti Eleanna.

The students’ preparation was realised by the teacher in charge of the school Rhetoric Club Dr. Maria Litsardou.


Dr. Maria Litsardou, Teacher in charge of the Rhetoric Club

Dr. Christos Fanidis, The Headmaster

Award in Student Competition for a 3D Video Game Creation

Our school team 3D-RiV-Orama won the Β’ prize and an amount of money of 750 euros for technical equipment with the game they created entitled “Travelling with Rigas’ Dream over Time”, with which they participated in the category of creation of a three-dimensional video game in the Panhellenic Student Competition “HACK THE MAP: RIGAS’ MAP” organised by Onassis Library.

Congratulations to the whole team!

STUDENT TEAM:  Dafermos Dimitrios, Koulourioti Eleanna, Louridas Panagiotis, Maragkozoglou Anastasia, Megas Panagiotis, Panigyraki Despoina, Pansinis-Karachalios Emmanouil-Georgios, Tzanetos Ioannis, Tzortzis Panagiotis, Tsakona Stamatia, Chondropoulos Alkiviadis, Vassalos Dimitrios and Kantianis Panteleimon

SUPERVISING TEACHERS: Gourna Sofia, Karimali Evangelia, Bakamitsou Athanasia and Tsachtsarli Aikaterini

ORION II team of our school represents Greece in “CanSat in Europe 2021” of the ESA

Our school team Orion II will represent Greece in the international competition organised by the European Space Agency CanSat (Satellite in a Can).

Our team won the first place in the national competition 2019-2020 but because of Covid-19, they will participate in the international competition this year.

The competition will take place online in autumn 2021.

We wish good luck to the students!

The Headmaster

C. D. Fanidis

Award for the video of a team of our school in the Student Competition about “The Holocaust and the Greek Jews” – school year 2020-2021

On 9/6/2021 were announced the results of the Student Competition on the creation of a video about “The Holocaust and the Greek Jews” for the school year 2020-2021. Our school participated with two videos.

In the creation of the artistic video entitled “They were at least free for some minutes. Marcel Nadjari”, which was awarded a PRIZE, participated the students Elissavet Kalogiannidou (B’ class), Spyridon Kantartzis (B’ class), Christos Koliothomas (A’ class) and Emmanouil-Georgios Pansinis-Karachalios (A’ class). The supervising teacher was Dr. Eirini Arnaouti (English teacher and in charge of the school Cinema Club). You can watch the video here.

In the creation of the short documentary “Zante, the Island of the Righteous”, participated the B’ class students Apostolos Askounis, Melina Marinou and Nikitas Petridis and their supervising teachers were the teachers in charge of the school Cinema Club Dr. Eirini Arnouti (English teacher) and Mr. Georgios Thodis (Greek Language and Literature teacher). You can watch the video here.

The winning participants will be invited to take part in an educational project organized by the Jewish Museum of Greece, where an educational visit in the National Monument and Museum of Auschwitz in Poland is included. The visit will be realized when the pandemic conditions permit it. The rest of the competition participants will be sent out Certificates of Participation.

Success of our A’ and B’ class students in the Panhellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle”

A big number of our A’ and B’ class students participated in the Panhellenic Physics Competition that was realized on 11 May 2021. Among the students who participated, there were 10 A’ class and 9 B’ class students who were distinguished.

Distinctions in the Panhellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle 2021”

We congratulate our A’, B’ and C’ class students who participated in the Panhellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle 2021”. We also congratulate our school Physics teachers Mrs. Maria Diakonou and Mrs. Margarita Toulatou for the preparation of the students and the realization of the competition in our school premises. The students who were distinguished among the C’ class participants are:


It is worth mentioning hat three students of our school have been invited to participate in the National Team that will be prepared for participating in the Physics Olympiad!

The Headmaster

Distinctions in the 9th Literature Competition of Teenage Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”

Our student from A3 class Panagiota Lyra was awarded the 1st prize for the poem “In another Syngrou Avenue” and for the short story “Petrina” in the 9th Literature Competition of Teenage Short Story and Poetry “Grigoris Pentzikis”, which was organised for the school year 202o-2021 by the Academic and Cultural Association “Educational Circle” in collaboration with the Prefectural Centre of Educational Design of East Macedonia and Thrace and was realised with the approval of the Institute of Educational Policy.

The award-winning of the student Panagiota Lyra has a special importance because, for the first time, the same person wins the 1st place in both categories, i.e. in the teenage short story and in the teenage poem category.

Our school students’ participation is carried out within the framework of a long-lasting action organised by the Greek Language and Literature teachers of our school Mr. Thodis Georgios and Mrs. Papadopoulou Maria.

Moreover, in the same competition, the B3 class student Eleni Bethani won a special mention for her poem “The darkness of the night”.

The award ceremony will be realised online on 28 June 2021 at 19:30. The ceremony will be open to the public and will be livestreamed via the official website of the competition on, where the ceremony programme will also be posted.